Taste of Streaming Raids and Kites

One of the things I really liked about Mists of Pandaria was the Black Market Auction House.  Built as a gold sink to get some excess gold out of the market,  it was perfect to pick up items that you really had no interest in buying with real world gold.

At the beginning it had a lot of players and ended up having a lot of items bid up.  Wanted that Ashes of Al'ar mount?   Prepare to spend a lot of gold.   500,000k even 1 million gold wasn't unheard of to purchase popular mounts.

But the BMAH has lost a little bit of it's charm.  The Blood Soaked Invitations drove a lot of auction house players away because there ended up only being 2-3 items listed.   And the items listed tended to be ones that either few wanted or of no intrinsic value. 

But I have been relatively faithful to visiting the BMAH for pets and such.  And last night I was lucky enough to have one pop up that I've wanted for a long time.  The Dragon Kite popped up on the AH and I decided to go for it.   So I dropped my first bid at 20k seeing if I couldn't get away with it on the cheap.   Was quickly outbid and decided to wait til it was closer to the auction end.

So later last night I started camping out the BMAH to keep an eye on the item.  Ended up with a bid between myself and another player.  We traded a couple of bids then I took a look at how much I had made in gold in the past two weeks and dropped a much higher bid.  Hearing the groan from him he messaged me saying that I had jumped the bid up to 60k off the bat.  What was I going to say?  I wanted the kite and knew how much I was willing to pay for it.

So we chatted for a while but I wasn't going to trust he didn't have a quick bid to drop on me at the last minute (I really really really wanted the kite).   The auction ended and I left thanking the other guy for a nice chat.  Then of course I had to fly out to Timeless Isle to show off my new pet.

Now hopefully this didn't come off as bragging.   Encouragement is what my main goal to give to you to the idea that you can get what you want.  The tools of making gold are not complicated no matter how much writers want you to believe.  There is no magic formula to making gold in World of Warcraft.   It takes a little bit of luck,  a little bit of brilliance and a lot of perseverance.  

Budgeting also becomes a very important factor in your gold making skills.  Just as you budget for groceries and keeping the heat on for your house.  Your budget on how much your willing to pay for an item is just as important as obtaining the gold to purchase it.  Go over that budget and another part of your plan has to suffer the consequences.  With the warlords expansion closer than anyone wants to admit your gold will become more and more important. 

Keep your kite flying high

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