Tomorrow Is Blizzcon

So tomorrow is the unveiling of all that is Blizzard and it's majesty.  Two days of costumes,  gaming,  prizes,  new toys,  new games and kids getting infectious diseases to bring home to their family (eww).

This will be the first year that I paid money to watch the show.  Granted it will be from home with popcorn and soda in my hand but I will get a jump on just what Blizzard has to show for their next year of products.

News did come out that Blizzard copyrighted "Warlords of Draenor" as a title.  This doesn't mean that it's the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion but you could take bets on it's a high probability.   Just from that name we might be either going back to Outland or exploring a brand new territory.

One of the things about new expansions is that it tends to start up a storm of reorganizing people's gaming lives.  Many players will start looking to take some time off between the announcement of the new expansion and it's release.  This won't mean a mass exodus on Monday but it will spark some thoughts in people's minds that it might be time to take a Wowcation (still think I should trademark that one).

On the Goblin side I've already started to shift my money making operations from full out to being more targeted.  Other than items that sell such as Off Hand items I've picked and chosen what my scribe as been selling.  Same thing with my alchemist and engineer.  With Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking still being in demand they bring in the bulk of my gold over the week.

The other mental shift is to start thinking of what people will need for the next expansion.  Old world ore/bars took a major hit when Blacksmithing was able to be leveled with just Ghost Iron Ore.  I will not be surprised if they do the same for all of the major professions.  Assuming the profesions will jump another 50 points,  obtaining 650 points becomes a monumental task.  So I'm playing it very cautious on what raw materials to store.

I am really hoping they also change the leveling mechanic so that alternates do not have to level from 1 to 95 or whichever they choose is the next maximum level for characters.  Even with the leveling speed boosts that were available it still become tedious to have multiple toons running through the same areas over and over again.  The Cataclysm expansion reboot of Azeroth helped with the tedium but after running those areas it becomes a major task to level through Outland,  Northrend and even through more the high level Cataclysm content.

Tomorrow we will know more about what is to come with the future of World of Warcraft.  I might need to get another couple of 6 packs just to make it through the weekend.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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