WOW: Warlords of Draenor

It is pretty much a guarantee that the star of the show both live and on PPV was the unveiling of the new Warcraft expansion Worlds of Draenor.

Along with all of the other games that were there to tease players into coming back to Blizzard:  World of Warcraft is still the lynchpin of the Blizzard Empire.

There was so much to offer that any gold goblin had their heads spinning around and around.  New mounts,  New UI,  Boosting one character instantly to 90 (someone wants to teach the newbie how to tank?).  But the big one that got my mind a wandering was the introduction to personal housing.  This will end up being the major gold sink in WOD (O great,  another acronym).

All of the other information was shock and awe when it came to the new areas.  With the entire group going back through the Dark Portal and traveling through time (woohoo!!!!) it will be interesting just how they counterbalance a savage land with the requirements that players have gotten used to.  Remember how annoying it was to be in Shattrath and having to port to your home city just to post up auctions?

Speaking of Shattrath we get to see how it was when the Draenei were in charge.  Showing videos and artist sketches gave the depth and even the sorrow of how the city became lost during the War.

Time travel is going to end up getting a lot of grumpy mcgrumpers calling for the death of World of Warcraft. Mostly because many players just like to hear themselves complain.  But if they can pull off the wonderful scenery that was Mists of Pandaria and the epic storyline contained in the expansion pack the majority of players will be happy.

So keep those money engines a roaring for the next 3-4 months and start stacking away the coin.  Your new housing unit is waiting for you to build it.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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