Post WOW Holiday Hangover

Hopefully the day after Christmas has you enjoying new treats and gifts from loved ones.  If you haven't stopped by the tree in your major city and grabbed your presents there was a varied amount of interesting items in this years box.

The one item that stood out specifically for me was a Fire Spirit that popped up on one of my toons.   This one use item gives you a boost in your major professions when used.  My plans are already to drop it in my bank and use it when I am just about at maximum with the next expansion.   Historically those last 5 points on most professions are the most expensive to finish off.

After plowing through more Graccu's Fruitcake,  Winter Veil Roast and other sundries to open up my own restaurant I ended up picking up another Rotten Little Helper.  Usually about this time I start to get a little bit bored with finishing up the daily,  drifting off to not always finishing it every day.  But this pet (as if I haven't said it before) might shake up to be a large ticket item after the holidays.  I'm expecting one or two changes to make the drop rate a little bit higher but if not I would love a year that this item can be bought and sold over the Auction House.

Many of the markets are starting to slow down.  As with any changes your milage may vary but closing down one or two markets to save time,  concentrating on other active markets can help with the dull feelings and holiday hangovers.  Players are starting to continue to finish up their epic cape quest line.  Finishing this gives people access to killing Ordos on a weekly basis.  More high quality loot can mean more sales for add-ons such as armor kits and enchants.

One of the markets I'm still keeping an eye on is the Mining market.  Ghost iron ore/bars have not really done a lot of fluctuation but there is a part that can add more money into your coffers.  Conversion of ghost iron ore to bars still is a money maker.  Grabbing ore at 2g per and selling them at 7.5g still net a tidy profit.  The same for converting your extra Spirits of Harmony Into trillium ore.  Most of the gear that is crafted using the Spirits of Harmony is relatively useless.  If you are like me your running multiple levels of Seige of Orgrimmar you end up with a lot of the gold caches.   Many of them also carry Motes of Harmony in them.

Don't just Poo Poo these as being useless.  Taking these and turning them into crafting materials can add gold straight into your pocket.  Earlier I wrote and article about these exchanges that can be found here.

As we muddle our way through, waiting for the next expansion it will become very important to cement partnerships and prepare your professions for the next level.  This means not only stacking gold but stacking anything that can make leveling much easier.  Don't forget to finish up your cooking quests to maximize your farm in Halfhill.  Many people will be ignoring Halfhill after the expansion retires.   Growing motes of harmony and materials can add more money into your pockets.

Stacking up little items of gold making can easily add up to long term gold making possibilities.  Keep working on your dailies,  keep up your production of raw materials and go smack Garrosh around for gold and prizes.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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