Targeting Sales

Mommar here.

Every so often I will be traveling around one of the major cities having trade chat open.  Normally it's busy with bad jokes or requests for professions.   But one topic seems to pop up every week.

Player A lists a large ticket item.  In this case it was a Jeweled Onyx Panther Mount for 75k

Player B starts to complain because it is 'too much' and he wants it for 15k

Player A defends that the item costs more to craft and that he is being silly

Player B defends that he bought 5 last week for only 10k (righhhht)

Player C chirps in to choose a side.

Nothing gets solved but everyone looks silly.   Player A has taken his eye off the ball of his sale.  Player B does not check his homework to see the crafted value of an item and why it costs this much.

In the end no one wins.  But this is easily solved by one understanding.

Player A needed to realize who his target audience was.   Player B would never be convinced to pay 75k for a mount.  When his argument started with 'it is just a mount' that was the immediate salvo that he didn't take an interest in being a mount collector.  Meaning that no amount of cajoling is going to convince him that he needs this mount.

Player A should have quickly come to the understanding that he would be wasting his time trying to convince Player B that the pricing is correct.  The best course of action would have been to walk away for a time being (because Player B would probably continue to announce the mount was too expensive in Trade for a bit) and attempt his sale later in the day.

I used to work in technical support for a software company.  One of our jobs was the sell products to people who called in.  I was very good at it for one specific reason.  I learned how to spot a potential customer within the first 3 minutes of a call.  Very rarely can you convert an upset customer into a positive sale.  Solving a problem for someone will allow them to become much happier with what you are doing,  allowing you to convert this into a sales experience.  Spotting those sales targets is less about luck and more about giving someone a positive experience.

So keep this in mind when you're tempted to get into an argument about something you're selling because you are 'right.  Being 'right' doesn't put gold in your pockets.  Walking away and adjusting your target will allow you to both make gold,  and still be 'right'.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Good luck and Good Hunting

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