WOD Speculation: Future Gold Making

More of the pieces to crafting and itemization have come out into the open for the Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Though developer Q&A,  tweets and interviews players are slowly getting a picture of just how new gear will be itemized and obtained.

The big change will be the idea that a 'one size fits all' gear itemization will come into play.   The five main pieces (helm, chest, legs, hands, shoulders) will change stats based on what specialization you use at that point.  In past articles we have discussed just how this will cut down the opportunities to sell multiple sets to players through crafting.

The other points that have been brought up is that Jewelcrafting and enchanting will end up having less items to sell that end up being more powerful.  Even today we have only 1 or 2 enchants for each piece.  Bracers having three enchants became a luxury in sales.

It was just revealed that with these changes in gear stats that the enchants would not end up changing with the gear.  Does this mean that there will be different types of enchants instead of your standard stat enhancement add-ons?  Does the one size fit each specialization still exist for enchanters and armor patches?

Obviously there will be future questions answered as we get closer to the beta reveal for Warlords of Draenor.  One thing that players can do now is to tighten up their techniques for sales.  Players are already hoarding their gold in the expectation that gold making will become much more difficult.  I would prefer to look at it as the players are going to have to sharpen their abilities and become that much better.

Last night I was in a raid with the third wing of the Seige of Org.  On Ventrillo there was a common grumbling about how Blizzard was being a pain for making some of these raids more difficult.  Falling Silence was my best answer I mentally ticked off just how much raiding had changed between Burning Crusades and the Mists expansion.  The same is easily said for making gold in World of Warcraft.

Making gold in World of Warcraft is not difficult.  But neither will the good fairy show up on your doorstep and deliver a cubic ton of gold coins for you to buy whatever your heart desires.  A few techniques that are honed to a razor sharpness can put gold into your pocket and help build a solid foundation.  Once the foundation is built you can expand and build your temple to in game gold as slowly or as quickly as you want.  Even with these future changes in crafting this still exists.  The best idea of making gold don't work hard, work smarter.

So until we have more information for Warlords,  this is the perfect time to not just sharpen your raiding skills,  but sharpen up your gold making skills.  Every player is a potential sale and every transaction puts you that much closer to being in control of your own gold printing machine.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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