You Can't Make Gold????

One thing in the game of World of Warcraft that will never change is the quest for gold.   Good or bad players have an opinion on how to make gold.   'It's too hard....' can be heard everywhere as some players expect to be handed gold in bags.

Mists of Pandora streamlined making gold with its basic idea.   If you want to make basic gold you can finish dailies and quests.  If you want to make stupid amounts of gold you can finish dailies,  run instances and raids.  Making obscene amounts of gold will have you playing the auction house.

What making gold will not do is allow you to be lazy.   This may sound harsh but it really does grind my gears to hear people say they can't make gold.   Take this for instance:

  • Timeless Isle offers the quest A Timeless Question which drops 45g into your pocket for answering a question.
  • Running your first daily instance drops 15g into your pocket for less than 15 minutes of running. This doesn't include any gear you disenchant or vendor.
  • Running a scenario drops another 15g into your pocket with the possibility of more gear to vendor or disenchant
  • Farming formats (skinning, mining, etc.) on timeless isle and all over Pandaria is easy.  Filling up your bag for materials takes less time than it does to complain about how difficult it is to make gold.
Even at level 90 all of the old quests are worth double the gold.  Running through Northrend content from the Lich King expansion and the revamped world of Cataclysm adds even more opportunities to place gold in your pocket.

So every time you hear someone complain about making gold being hard,  smile and just keep on doing what puts gold into your pocket.  Working smarter and putting in the time and effort to not just enjoy the game but enjoy having enough gold to buy anything you like.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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