Disenchant, Rinse and Repeat

Mommar here.

Sometimes topics just need to be repeated.  Mostly because of seeing people do the same strange things with items that they have.  Many gold goblins get into a rut that the only answer is one patch.

Enchanting materials are a big one that cause players to fall into a one solution answer.  When I was going to school, I loved Algebra and Math.  The higher the functions in mathematics the more answers became available to the same question.  Proofs in high level geometry were my favorite pastime.

I would sit down with a problem and figure out the best solution to a problem,  then I would come up with one or two alternatives to the proof just so that I had more ammunition later on.  One of the things that people who did proofs in math didn't put together is to save their previous proofs for later use.  Ending up in every class period with a group of proofs that I could use in tests.

Enchanting materials and how to process them for gold is the same.  Many players will just dump whatever they have in the Auction House in the hopes they will sell.  The more players dump materials on the Auction House it devalues the materials.  Even upgrading the lower dusts and essences for their higher counterparts doesn't always provide a better profit.

But one thing that people fail to do continually is to look for outside sources.  Having a site such as Wowhead.com or Crafterstome.com give you access to all of the recipes that are available.  Many enchanters do not play the Auction House and have long since abandoned worrying about using the AH as a good source of income.  Taking those extra materials,  seeing what enchants can sell and then offering a tip for enchanters to process these materials can double and even triple any profit that can be obtained just from listing for sale.  Even if a player doesn't want to get involved with sales,  saving gold with simply providing your own materials can be a profit to itself.

Making gold in Warcraft is a two headed tiger.  Saving gold becomes just as important as making gold.  If you are making gold at 500g a day,  but spending 750g because of the need for enchants and enhancements you are failing to add gold to your portfolio.  Spending 50g in tips and bringing in 500g puts you that much further towards your goal.

Other professions run into the same practice.  Having armor enhancements and other items crafted for, you will allow you to not spend extra gold to upgrade your toon.   Keeping this in mind will allow you to see that gold pile grows higher and higher in the next couple of weeks.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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