Leave Your 'Tude At The Door

Mommar here.

If you want to refer to my 'career' with World of Warcraft, I should be thankful to many of the people I have met in and out of the game itself.  There are people even to this day that I consider close friends,  others that I have had the honor of meeting even if it was for a fleeting moment.

But then some weeks tend to be more difficult than others.  To the point that you start to wonder whether the reputation,  gold and experience is truly worth it.   As I have said before, I am running some of the older Mists of Pandaria raids for gold and reputation.   There is this mental itch I have that when I see a non exalted reputation I must finish it off.   In this case I do all of the Throne of Thunder raids i can get during the week.  These raids include the dreaded LFR that everyone finds so tasty on the brain.

Most of the time these go off without a hitch.   Poke Durumu in the eye with a big pointy stick,  ride Tortos like a bronco even get a little shock to the system with Lei Shen.

But this week seemed to be a cavalcade of grumpy players.  Players looking to pick fights for the smallest problem.   Then a full blown meltdown if there was a wipe.  Remember this content was the new shiny raids not 6 months ago.  Most players are overgeared for the content, but there is still a certain amount of possibility of dying a horrid game death.   But no one really signs on to be the target of someone's abuse.

Having spent easily 10,000g on repairs over the years I have been playing, seeing a raid fail to a boss is a normal experience.   You just pick up,  look to see what can be fixed and move on.  If nothing can be solved, then it is time to leave the raid and go find something else to do.   But there are times I feel I am in the minority when it comes to this attitude.

Noob,  idiot,  *&*$ and other words that would get you punched out in the real world get slung around as normal conversation.  My raid can joke with me and tell me I'm weak sauce, but everyone has their limits.  Lately my patience to have to listen to people go off for silly reasons has become less and less.  Most of the time players will just direct it at the random player, but occasionally someone will shoot their mouth in my general direction.   One raid i ended up dying due to poor tanking/healing and was accused of taking 'too much damage'.  If I had failed in the mechanics I would have completely agreed with them.   The wise player knows they are never 100% perfect, but in this case every movement out of raid damage was done correctly. Seemed this player also didn't understand how an arms warrior works when well geared.   Hearing 'why is the warrior doing so much AOE damage' finally got me to respond.   After explaining in a slow, precise matter that an arms warrior has 3 different cleaves that automatically go off you will get AOE damage.  Along with this explanation was the fact that this player needed to be more worried about their low dps (under 100k) than putting the blame on everyone but their own shoulders.

Later this bothered me not because of the words I had used.  What bothered me was that I had let his rash silliness get to me and take away my enjoyment of the raid.  There will always be hotheads,  always be players that troll for attention.  There will always be players to be carried with a dps wheelbarrow.  Raid wipes will occur no matter the skill of a group.   But my attitude is what I choose it to be.  I can choose to react or I can choose to walk away.   Either choice is viable and functional.

The same goes for the good days and bad days of making gold.  Our attitudes attach themselves to whether we can be successful or not.  Making lots of gold is fun.  Making lots of gold in the game without losing all mental sanity is even better.  So enjoy the game with a good spirit and less stress.   And remember there is always the choice to turn off the game and take a breath.  It is a game and you make the choice of what attitude you bring.

Good Luck and Good Gold Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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