Pitty Pat Sales

I grew up in the heyday of professional boxing.   Where I was the epitome of a casual fan, recognizing many of the big time fights that occurred during this time.

One of the biggest when it happened, still sitting at one of the greatest of all times was the 06/04/1987 fight between 'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler and 'Sugar' Ray Leonard.   I was able to watch this fight on Wide World of Sports long after it had happened.  This was well before the Internet could tip you 10 minutes after a fight occurred.

While watching the fight one thing came into prospective.  Hagler was a power puncher known for packing a wallop with each hit.  Leonard was your classic boxer.  All during the fight Hagler would give one or two shots while Leonard was peppering him with punches that appeared to not have as much power still was scoring points on the scorecard.  At the end of the fight the multiple hits of Leonard defeated the power punching of Hagler.

This can easily apply to how you work your gold making system.  Many players look for that big ticket item to sell.  There is nothing wrong with hitting the big time with 1000g or even 10,000g sales.   I Avg a 5000g sale every week with the bulk of my sales are the 'Pitty pat' sales.  Some examples:

Netherweave Bags (my favorite) 20g per sale
Arcane Dust 5g per
Elementium Ore/bars
Lich King basic gems (Sun Crystal, Bloodstone, etc.)

Each small sale can equal to a big sale.  Building on a base of sales, allowing more flexibility to create your profit pyramid.  Keep plugging away at selling not just the big ticket items, but also the crafting items that can net you my suggested 20% profit line.  These small sales become the adhesive to keeping your normal income stream coming through more trying times to come.

Look for those small sales opportunities along with your big ticket items and you will find your own judge to give you the split decision.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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