Prideful Goes Before the PVP Sales (Season 15)

A couple of weeks ago, there was some determined information about a Season 15 PVP.  This would occur before the WOD expansion hit the shelves.  With the Kings and Queens of development denial, saying 'just in case,  maybe,  no, not going to be used etc'.  Finally, it seems that there will be (possible) a season 15 pvp before the expansion.

This is good news for crafters who had made a relative fortune on PVP sales.   Not just enhancements to the gear itself, but crafting PVP entry gear for sales.  There is no definitive information that there will be crafting upgrades to the Malevolent gear that has been available since patch 5.4.

The other announcement that will help with sales is the possibility of opening cross realm access to 'Normal' Seige of Orgrimmar raiding.  Players are starting to hit the limit of gearing up through flex and looking for more advancement.  With many guilds taking breaks from burnout,  exploring real life,  it becomes more and more of a challenge to get high level raid groups together.  Removing this limit will open up a plethora of gear upgrades.  Any gear upgrades have also opened up the possibility of sales of enchants and armor enhancements.

With any burst in usage of raw materials, a Shockwave of raising costs occurs.  Where this rise in prices will end up being a blip as compared to the overall sales numbers across the entire expansion, riding this wave can increase profits and also help with limiting leftover inventory.

When more information is released, including the possibility of a new entry level craftable pvp gear, planning ahead with some farming and purchasing can be set up.  Usually there is a 2 week advance announcement of the end of a PVP season.  Hopefully more information can be gleaned in the next few weeks to excite and wet the profit appetite.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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