WOD Speculation: Future of Jewelcrafting

During November the powers that be announced that Warlords of Draenor would have some major changes to professions.   Jewelcrafting received a big change with the idea that there would be less Gem options.  Removing +hit and limiting the availability of gem slots would affect the Jewelcrafting market.

Blizzard offered another special present during December to the future of Jewelcrafting which left a large wave of questions for not just Jewelcrafting but other professions.  There would be no +stat (agi,  strint) gems for sale by Jewelcrafters.  This is a major change in the dynamics of making gold with Jewelcrafting.  Bread and butter sales of straight stat 'stacking' gems disappear overnight with the introduction of this change.

But before people start to abandon their gold champion jewel crafters and look for greener pastures do not panic just yet.  The changes in the profession can be looked as a positive boost into a glutted market that is Jewelcrafting.

Jewelcrafting profits have always been based on the sales of gems with the occasional ring/neck pieces being a lesser sales cousin.  If the Blizzard developers do this right this will change and profits will again be based not just on the sales of high level/high profit gemstones but also the rings/neck pieces as well.  Jewelcrafters also were provided with a new mount and pets for sale with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  If Blizzard keeps this up then there will be multiple options for sales.

One of the strong changes will be that the weaker 'wall of sales' will probably disappear and it will become more necessary to change how high level gold goblins list their sales.  Studying the markets and demands will become much more important than just automatically looking for patterns and listing gems up without thought.

There is a large supposition that other professions will take similar hits.  Heavy doubts that these professions will also retain the ability to make changes to main stats on armor.  Crafting for profit in Warlords of Draenor is going to change and those that cannot make the change will fall by the wayside.

Also this might be a very good time to start looking at giving your farmers higher priority when the Warlords of Draenor expansion hits.  Instead of paying for higher prices that crafters will charge players can easily slip back into provide your mats for a normal fee mode.

No doubt that there will be a lot of squealing on these changes and how unfair to the old profession model disappearing.  Overall this will probably be a good change with the markets by not making players by making items less about small profits and more about bigger profits per piece.  But with anything there will be growing pains.  Keep your eye on other major profession changes in the future and make your plans from there.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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