Keeping up with the Black Market Auction House

The Black Market Auction House was introduced at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria.  Very little was known about it because it wasn't activated during the Player Test Realm phases of the expansion.  The players rushed to get there as fast as possible on the promise of old world items as well as very high level raiding/PVP gear.

Now that we are 4+ patches into MOP, on many realms the BMAH goes bare.  The Gear items are not as shiny.  The recipes are obsolete and only bid on by the profession completist.  Even pets and mounts go by with only a few deciding to bid on them.

But now this is where gold goblins should be swooping in for some prize pickings for resell.  Whether you use Underminejourrnal,  the smart phone app or go in person to check out the auction goodness you never know what might pop up.   The mounts and recipes and gear are BOP but pets occasionally pop up for bidding.  With a lack of bidders a person can grab a pet and resell it for a nice tidy profit.

Even if it appears that today the pet won't sell,  remember that in a few months there will be plenty of hungry pet searching mouths to feed.   With the way that Blizzard is setting up the next expansion,  a free boost to 90 will draw in a lot of new players who are concerned with having to level all the way through old content. New,  hungry players will drive the pet markets in the next expansion.   With new pets to sell on the horizon as well as older pets for new pocketbooks now is the time to look at your investments.

Many players made the mistake of not putting the BMAH to good use.  They looked at it as a gold dump and not an investment opportunity.  Take for Instance the Shimmering Wyrmling.  This was a pet you could buy during the Lich King expansion.  It was linked to a specific reputation to use (Silver Covenant) so couldn't be used by the opposite faction.

Now fast forward to today's Shimmering Wyrmling from the BMAH and this version of the Shimmering Wyrmling has no rep requirements.  Which means either faction can use the pet.  It's little bits like this that allow a Gold Goblin to raise the price of an item.  Other pets have popped up on the AH that I have bought for 2k gold,  flipping them for four times the amount.

The idea of flipping items for profit is not a new concept.  Every gold guide and gold management system tells you this is a great way to make huge amounts of gold.   The key to learning is to where the best place to obtain these pets are.  The farther away that players get from content,  the more apt they are to forget how to obtain certain pets and items.  Their lack of knowledge is what feeds the gold making machine that we try to create.

So the next time you're bored,  go head over to the BMAH and see what might be there.  Your next gold fortune might be sitting there just looking for your bid.

Good Luck and Good Fortune Hunting

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