Timeless Isle Rare Spawn Chase

I always feel sorry for the guy who 'just misses' getting to a rare mob on Timeless Isle.  Most players who have done any time grinding out coins or gear know the pain of not getting that tag just a little bit late.   With the last patch and the changes in how tagging mobs/adding HP with more players attacking it becomes more and more frustrating.

The key is to have a mental idea of just how much time you have to get to the spawn point.   Some mobs have multiple spawn points which can make it more difficult to reach them.  But the big ones that everyone wants to lay to rest, have specific points to arrive at.

I spent a little bit of time this week getting a good idea of just how long I had to reach the spawn point from when it was first called out to when the mob is dead.   Every one of these mental timers can be different based on just how many attackers there are and where the placement of the mob is.  So use this as a guideline and not a definite:

Outer Sea Areas/Coastlines:

Evermaw -  Bring a Sack lunch  usually takes 5-10 minutes
Dread Ship Vazuvius -  5 minutes
Karkanos -  2 minutes (can be shorter depending on if he was called before the fisherman is talked to)
Zesqua - 1 minutes
Rattleskew - 4 minutes (4 waves of pirates before the boss arrives.  So 4 minutes is generally max)
Stinkbraid - 3 minutes

Lower Areas (Inland):

Great Turtle Furyshell - 2 minutes (some people will wait for a group before pulling)
Chelon - 2 minutes (some people will wait for a group before pulling)
Monsterous Spineclaw - 2 minutes (multiple spawn points on the coast line)
Bufo - 45 seconds (he dies pretty quickly and is popular to kill for the Gulp Froglet pet
Gu'chi The Swarmbringer - 2 minutes
Zhu-gon the sour (aka Brew/Beer event) - 4 minutes (depending on what part they call it being available)
Ironfur Steelhorn - 2 minutes (multiple spawn points)
Cranegnasher - 2 minutes (summoned by kiting a bird to the area.
Imperial Python - 2 minutes (multiple spawn points)
Emerald Python - 1 minute

Red Stone Run

Golganarr 3-4 minutes  (Long Spawn Time)
Tsavo'ka  2 minutes
Spelurk 2 minutes

Cavern Of Lost Spirits:

Spirit of Jadefire- 1-2 minutes (multiple spawn points)
Rock Moss-  3 minutes  (lots of kiting to defeat mob)

Firewalker Ruins:

Jakur Of Ordon - 2 minutes
Watcher Osu - 2 minutes

The Blazing Way:

Champions of the Black Flame -2 minutes
Leafmender - 1 minute
Huolon  - 4 minutes (can be considerably less if more people show up to kill)
Cinderfall - 3 minutes (Melee hates this fight because he has the ability to 2 shots so people wait for backup)

Ordon Sanctuary:

The mobs in the Ordon sanctuary have longer times between announcement and kill because of the travel time there is to get there.   Players who do not have the epic cloak have to wait for the seagull taxi or other options.

Flintlord Gairan - 3 minutes
Archiereus of Flame  - 5 minutes  (lots of extra mobs and kiting to get to this boss)
Urdur the Cauterizer  - 4 minutes
Garnia - 4 minutes

Some of these bosses might last longer depending on the time of the day or how many players are in the general area.   You can see that many of the lower island rare mobs are finished so quickly you need to be right there to get a tag on the rarities.   Others you can sit,  chat and even have a sack lunch before needing to arrive.   The more powerful gear that players obtain the faster these mobs will die and the more frustration that can occur.   The best course is that if there is a specific rare your looking for,  look for their spawn timer and then stay in that general area.  Houlon is a good example of this.   The black dragon spawns on around a 45 minute rate.   So if you're really wanting to Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent, make sure you are spending the majority of your farming time in this area.

Each of these numbers is an approximation and no actual scientific measurement other than a stopwatch and me getting to the area.  Shortcuts, especially from up top the mountain to the valley below, can be especially useful.  There is no place in the island that you cannot get to from another in longer than 45 seconds.  Your best friend for getting to these mounts faster will be the Windfeather Plume .  Since you can activate the plume without getting dismounted keep some on each toon and let the feathers fly when you need the speed boost.

Next time you see someone that is struggling with how quickly they need to get to a mob,  give them a general idea through your experiences of how quickly they need to react.   Faster arrival means faster looting of the good stuff.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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