Boost Me, Buy Me, Pay Me Gold

When coming into the weekend many players will be cranking up their new pre-orders to Warlords of Draenor expansion and choosing their new boosted level 90 characters.

Most players will be starting to crank up their gear gathering on Timeless Isle and raids starting Friday.   Looking at the Auction Houses you can already see people taking advantage of the markets and grabbing/flipping raw materials.   The difficult part in doing this is that it is easy to replenish these materials (especially Exotic Leather and Ghost Iron Ore).   This shouldn't keep players in the next couple of days to do some heavy farming to hit the wave that will occur this weekend.

With the knowledge that we won't be seeing the release of Warlords of Dreanor till sometime around November/December it gives players a lot of time to work on their professions.  Thankfully, most players are not known for their patience when it comes to leveling professions.    The new boosted 90's are going to be wanting gear to catch up with their raiding groups and get into the action.

All of the professions should get a boost this weekend from the new quest for gear and enhancements.  Markets that have been slow and steady earning (Inscriptions,  enchanting) will see that boost this weekend from players filling in their scribe books for the future.  High investment weapons and gear might get some sales, but many players are looking at these new level 90's as secondary characters.  

A couple of items to specifically flip are Sha Crystals and Magnificent Hides for their use in the high level armor enhancements.  Needing 10 crystals and a handful of dust for the Dancing Steel weapon enchantment should drive up the prices for the Sha Crystals.  Magnificent Hides should get the same boost from sales of the Pants armor enchantments provided by Leatherworkers.

Keep an eye on the markets as they go up in the next couple of days and position your players to jump on the wave.  This weekend will be exciting for those that are brave and ready to climb the AH ladder to profits.

Geez,  the sounded cheesy even to me.   Go sell something :-)

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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