Buying Cataclysm Mats

Patch 4.03 (or for those playing the home game the introduction to the Cataclysm Expansion) introduced new enchanting materials.   Wait,  doesn't that happen with each expansion?

What I like about the Enchanting materials during the cataclysm expansion is that they have reasonably kept their value.  There was a huge downward spiral right at the end of the expansion that players were looking to empty out their treasure troves.  Picking up many of these for an Avg of 5g netted me a healthy profit over time.

Why did it net me a healthy profit?   Because I kept on crafting the pets and some of the enchants that cataclysm brought along.   Where the enchants available have long since only become important to power leveling players the pets still sell very well.

The Enchanted Lantern (or the alliance equivalent Magic Lamp) still sells depending on the amount of profit I am looking for.   Getting 500% or more on my investment is nothing to sneeze at.

The other reason that I like the Ethereal Shards and Hypnotic Dust for investment at that time because players leveling a new enchanter would run into the need for those around the 470-480 mark of power leveling.   Selling these in batches of 10-20 can give you that magic number of 200% profit.

Looking at and its numbers shows the mean Avg sale of 13g a piece.   That's a little expensive for investment.  But wait,   we are smart and have an enchanter (or buddy enchanter) and access to ilvl 287-333 crafted gear.   Buying these materials cheap and disenchanting them for the materials to resell (sounds familiar right?   This is one of those cornerstone items of Disenchanting your fortune gets built on).

One more thing.   The developers have already announced a gear squish.  This is going to have the effect of getting people into dungeons and gear that much faster.  That means all that dropped gear that the players might have used will end up getting DE'd or vendored.  Where some might say sell all of the cataclysm gear at vendor prices,  I like to swim upstream.  Pets and enchants will always sell.  Look for those wonderful junk deals that players will have on the AH trying to rid themselves of gear they do not see the opportunity you see.

Starting to prepare your next round of investment now for Warlords of Draenor instead of waiting for the rush will allow you to be ahead of the gold game.  Storage area,  Investment for DEing and prepping for deals to come.   Sharpen up the pencils and the trigger finger to be ready to rake in the profits.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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