It Was A Great Day

Having been playing World of Warcraft for years,  I have developed little quirks about myself.  One of them is when something finally drops when I have worked for it.

Since the start of the Timeless Isle patch I have been working the rare mob Houlon to have her drop the Reigns Of The Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent.  Having read in one of the Blizzard notes that you were only guaranteed a loot drop once each day from rares (yes,  I know it's possible to get more but they said guarantee),  I had been farming her every day.  Each time I was on the isle and the timer came up I joined 10-30 of my favorite strangers for the quick 2 minute kill and loot.

Finally the mental trumpets played and wallah,  I see in the loot window my next pet.  Being excited I added it to my collection,  dragged it onto my tool bar with some other mounts and then found out that you can't fly it on Timeless Isle.  Really, Blizzard?  Had to get that one final tease in didn't you.

But putting that aside, I started looking for my weekly Garrosh runs.  My hunter has an easier time of getting a better run than my Warrior does.  I would probably link it to Melee DPS being less popular than Ranged DPS or just blind luck.  Either way a couple of weeks ago, my Warrior had obtained his uber mega blade of awesome;  Hellscreams Decapitator.  In my own mental battle my hunter was getting a little bit jealous of him lugging that big shaving axe and wanted her own new BOA toy.

After finishing the first two bosses in one shot (hitting 3 and 4 on the dps respectively) we approached Hellscream.   The first try got him down to 12 percent before the fickle finger of fate disconnected a healer and a tank.   We regrouped,  no one started with the great noob debate and we went after him a second try.  Finally he went down,  and the loot window popped up and there it was:

(it's so pretty)

After doing a little bit of a happy dance in front of my computer (thankfully not having the camera on at the time) I zipped over to my jewelcrafter/engineer to get the enhancements done.   Two Delicate gems and a Lord Blastington's Scope of blowing things up and I was set for the next adventure.

But then I ran into a problem.  What was next?   I work better with a goal in mind.  Both of my main raiders now have their epic capes.  They are both exalted with the Grand Pooba of the isle.  My Warrior is exalted with everyone except for the furry little tribe in la la land.  I have all the coins that I could want,  and all of the gold I really can want (I know.  Blasphemy).  So what's next in the land of Mommar?

Do I make more gold.   Well of course I do.  That's half the fun.   Do I try to go for a 3rd epic cape.  Absolutely not.  No more grinding stones and lost information and you can go find that stuff yourself you little toad dragon.  Do I continue to raid and even look to jump into some regular runs instead of flex raid runs?

There is always a question of what motivates someone to continue to strive to play this game.  The next 6 months some people will decide to take some time off.  Some players will go and continue to work on their game.  Some are playing with new boosted level 90's.  Some are even leveling toons the normal way for a challenge.

So many things that can be done.  So many motivations that still are out there for the picking.  Archaeology looks like it might need to be dusted off and played with some more.  Pet battling (gotta catch em all, POKEWOW).

But one day,  one glorious day I got to run naked through the main horde cities on my new mount with my new weapon in my hand.

This is my weapon,  this is my gun.   This is for.... What you should join the military to hear the rest

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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