Please.. Wait.. I Wanna Tag

This weekend seemed to be the weekend for people to vent their frustration.  The minority of players that use (and sometimes abuse) trade chat were very vocal.   Blizzard sucks,  You suck and all sorts of choice comments were thrown at others.   Perhaps it was the huge letdown of knowing that most players will have another 6 months plus of the same content over and over.  Some of it may have been because of the early celebrations of Saint Patricks Day.

One of the biggest complaints came from people wanting to get tags on the rares on Timeless Isle.   Complaints of players being 'kill happy' or not waiting while others arrive.  Many of these are freshly new 90's looking to get their quick epic gear from rare bosses.  

The difficult part of many to understand is that if it was one to 10 people in decent gear that it would be easy to slow dps and survive till everyone had a chance to arrive.  But many players are running around Timeless Gear in the best gear they can obtain at this raid level.  Not just this, but take Houlon for instance,  there is easily 20-30 camping the happy wind serpent in the hopes of getting the mount for their collection.  Every hour you can see the group forming waiting for it to show up and get mowed down in a rain of dps fire.  Personally, I have arrived many times,  tabbed out of my window to look up something for a couple of minutes only to pop up and see that the kill has already occurred.

Things like this difficulty can cause problems between the haves and the haves not when it comes to information.  There are add-ons that will announce when a timer is up,  but recently I posted up approximate times for each of the bosses on the timeless isle here.

The further we go into the last tier of the expansion to more powerful that gear will be on the 'common' player.   The better the gear the faster rares will go down.   Rares such as Houlon and Zesqua can go down in minutes if not seconds.   Causing more and more frustrated and asking people to 'wait' to others arrive.

There really isn't much that can be done other than to help others and give them a decent idea of when some rares pop.  Houlon is on approximately a 45-50 minute timer.  Sometimes a kindly soul will say something 10 minutes early to give others a chance to arrive in time.  With each new person that asks the same repetitive question again and again a veteran player has two choices.   Tear into them with your superior knowledge,  or realize you to were new and needed the help at one point.

Or if all else fails,  remember the adage your grandmother should have taught you.  If you have nothing nice to say,  don't say anything at all.  You probably are not as funny as you think you are.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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