Silver And Gold Have I None

This weekend will be the first weekend that cross realm raiding will allow players to get grouped into Normal and Heroic raids for SOO.   Blizzard got this feature into the system with the latest hotfix.

No one should argue with the idea that cross realm raiding for flex has sparked a large amount of players to continue playing with the last tier in the Mists of Pandaria.  With the inclusion of the queue add-on into rotation on many raiders system,  the door has been opened to a large amount of pick up groups being successful in their search for vengeance against Garrosh.

The one problem I can see with opening up Normal and Heroic Raiding into the cross realm area is the high possibility of expectation to be 'carried' through content.  This already occurs in Flex runs where one or two players are undergeared or not as capable as they should be.  This is mitigated by many players having a higher and higher impact with upgraded gear.  Where being carried in the earlier SOO flexes (flex 1 and flex 2) isn't as important,  getting up to a Garrosh encounter with players doing sub par 100k dps can be the difference between success and the long run back to grab your ghost.

There has been a sharp decline in population on many servers with players starting to drift off at the end of the expansion.  With the knowledge that there is another 4-5 months of Mists of Pandaria content to be played, players are looking at other games for entertainment.  The new Diablo 3 expansion, opening up next week as well as other MMO's opening their doors to entice players away from their Azerothian adventures.

But Cross realm raiding should open up some markets to players looking to enhance their new shiny gear.   Watching Oqueue there was not a large amount of changes of people searching for Normal/Heroic runs during the week.  This weekend will tell whether players still keep their Guild runs in house or look outside for help to fill the gaps that exist in their raiding schedule.

Keeping your eyes open for the markets that get a spark can add gold into your pockets and some sales onto your ledger.   Being prepared with quality enchants and enhancements can put you farther in the game.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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