Who Is Your Nemesis On the Gold Market

The ego strives to believe that as a gold goblin I can dominate any market I choose.   The reality is that where I can excel in different areas,  there probably is going to be someone that is a little bit better than me.   Considering the timing,  undercutting,  profit margins and the varied amount of tools that are available to Gold Goblins this is a true fact.

I was discussing with a guide about a new player that had arrived at one of the markets that we work together on.  This was obviously a banker to0n (level 2) that we started to keep track of how many times they were logged on.  It was incredible because they seemed to be logged on at all times of the day.  Putting our research together, I surmised that it wasn't just one person that was playing the toon but probably two people.  Everyone has to sleep at some point.

But it did strike me to the idea of just how important is it to be on or off someone's gold radar.  Anonymity has its own benefits.  When I started writing this journal I put out my main toon's name (Mommar) because I didn't want this to be a phantom journal.  The toon you look up in the armory on the Shandris server is the same guy that is writing in this journal.  

But here is the part that you might not realize.  I will tell you many times of sales that I have done or sales that are occurring.  I split all of my sales among my different toons based on what professions they have.  I also have a toon that handles my pet collections and one that handles my general sales.  I kept these private simply for the same reason that I have my public persona.  Those are the sales that I do not want someone to come after me believing they can take a scalp of mine.   Call it the belief that I would be a worthy challenger to the throne of King Gold Goblin.

The idea is that most people do not take the Auction House personally.   Very rarely do you hear people start to say 'that blah blah person undercut me' and look for vengeance.  What will happen is that if a player goes out into the public market, they have a better chance of becoming a target.  Barking for sales has become a lost art form on many servers.  Many players take a reactionary stance when it comes to providing goods.   Players say 'I need this' and people will message back that they have it available.  There are still some Gold Goblins that will post up their profession list as well as different methods of sales (your mats = free items etc.).  These are the players that are more apt to have to depend on their reputation.

A Nemesis can be considered a valuable psychological boost to your own sales.  Knowing that the person you have targeted is sitting there and laughing at you (imaginary or not) can drive you to keep posting items even if you are tired or bored that day.  Sometimes the quest for money just doesn't keep driving you day by day,  but having that Nemesis can keep you going.  Batman had the Joker,  Superman had Lex Luthor,  Spiderman had Doc Oc.  Through the hard times you can keep looking to top the market and have the last laugh.

Whether your nemesis is imaginary or not,  it can be a force to keep you on the gold goblin path and put more gold into your pocket.

Now to find the next pretender to my Kingdom and dash his hopes.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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