WOD: Prepping For The Storm

Mommar here.

It may seem early to start getting prepped for the next expansion Warlords of Draenor.  We have over 8 months before the doors open to the newest expansion.  Even when the PTR's open up for business, there will be a lull in game play between now and then.

One of the reasons that it's important to start to look at prepping for the next expansion is to get a jump on the competition.  The Blizzard developers in charge of the next wow expansion have given bits and pieces of information as we continue on towards the next expansion.  

The big change I want to see is whether there will be a new catch up system for Leatherworking,  Alchemy and Engineering.   With players looking at the pros and cons of boosting a lvl 60+ to have maximum professions from the start or staying with the normal profession progression.

One of the things that will get lost in the rush to boost level 90's is the supply of low and mid level raw materials.  There has always been a steady stream of these materials due to players leveling slowly on their own new toons and classes.   Almost every gold making guide suggests to take two gathering professions not just for the gold but also for the XP that is obtained with each node.  Now with all of this skipped and players dropping right into profession leveling (if not already boosted to the maximum with the boosted level 60+ perk).

The other thing to look at is the resell validity of low and mid level gear.  One of the staples of sales with a new expansion has been selling these high value items at exhorbiant prices.  People wanting the best to speed up their leveling experience.  With all of these levels being skipped by not just veteran players, but also by completely new players these can be volatile markets to get into.  Sales will still be there for those that decide not to spend the extra 60 bucks for another instant 90,  but they can be easily diminished over the long haul.

So what to invest in in the next 6 months?   That's a tricky question that can only be answered as we march towards the next expansion pack.  Vanity items always sell well as well as transmogrify items.  Big large shiny weapons and good looking helmets.  Items that can be used to class up role playing or bank toons.  Large sized bags for the bank will be in demand (22 slots or higher) because people will become spoiled by having 4 24 slot bags from the start.

It was revealed that building Garrisons will have it's own monetary purchase system (somehow I'm thinking we will be looking to buy and sell bricks and wood somewhere).  The more information that is provided in the next few months the easier it will be to plan and attack the market for future profit.

Investing slow and precise,  looking for deals on transmogrify items and vanity items can put you into the slipstream of profit making.  Just keep your eyes and ears looking for that great deal and be ready for the next tide as it slides in.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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