WOD: Waiting Til The Fall?

As Professor Farnsworth would say from Futurerama,  I've got good news!.

We have an approximate date for the release of the new expansion Warlords of Draenor.   Okay,  so 'sometime in fall' really doesn't qualify as a date.  Sounds closer to a hope and a dream that they will get it done sometime around then.

Just like the previous expansions sometime there will be a slow rollout of the Beta testing and development for the new game.  That probably will be out in the next couple of months and should players who are looking for something new to read.

But between now and the beta release of WOD,  Blizzard has offered some alternatives to be able to run out and enjoy.

Diablo 3:  Reaper of Souls releases on March 25.  New storylines,  new graphics,  new player class (crusader class looks pretty cool) and new loot system.   We say goodbye to the much maligned auction house and say hello to the new loot 2.0 system.

Hearthstone just went full release this week.   Pretty simple card game to start with a high chance of bringing in both beginning gamers as well as the experienced Hardcore action card games.   If you like horses go and give it a try.  If you win three games in 'play' mode then Blizzard with give you an achievement and your own My Little Pony.   At least this one doesn't sparkle like the last pony that Blizzard gave us.

Heroes of the Storm  was just release in Alpha testing for a select group.  If you want to play a MOBA (Multi-Player Battle Arena) style game this will be the one for you.  Just reading the information about the game and the basic tutorial should get people's blood pumping just to give it a try when it becomes available.  Make sure to update your profile on your Blizzard.net to allow you to sign up for Beta testing on all of Blizzard's new products.

One of the options that everyone has is to unplug and unwind game wise for a week or even a month.   The beauty of World of Warcraft is that it will be there when you're ready to come back.  The next 6 months game wise will be much the same as it was in the past two months since the release of the last major game patch.  Farming timeless isle,  hitting the Houlon Pinata hoping for that shiny new mount.  Taking a week off to actually talk to your family and breath fresh air can bring a new shine to gaming.  

When gaming starts to feel like a chore,  then it is time to remember that there are other opportunities to enjoy gaming with Blizzard.   You never know what new friends and new adventures await just picking up a new set of cards,  or running with a new character in a completely different style of gameplay.

See you on the new battlefield.

Good Luck and Good Gold Hunting.

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