Adopt A Warcraft Child Today!

Mommar here.

I will have to say,  this is one of my favorite holiday's of the year.

Yes, I have said before that I wish many of the oldest holidays had world bosses.  But this is one of the few holidays that I just enjoy the way it is.

The reason i enjoy this holiday is simply because of the obtaining of pets and reliving some of the past glories from previous areas in World of Warcraft.  Most players when leveling never return to Negrand.   They might stop and visit with The Dark Queen to turn in the occasional quest, but have you stopped to actually read the flavor text that she generates.  As I was bringing one of my orphans to visit her I happened to get there just as the Lament for the Highbourne quest line.  The song that is played is beautiful to just listen to.

You have three different places to obtain pets with this holiday.   The first one starts in Orgrimmar or Stormwind depending on what side of the fence you play on.  The second is found in Shattrath in Lower City and the third is In Dalaran.

Each reward a pet after completing the tasks.  They are relatively simple to achieve.  Just travel or buy an inexpensive item.  If your tank is high enough to reach the area, then you can finish the quest.

One thing to keep in mind.  This will be adding a lot of pets into the AH.  With many players already having all of the pets available, they will be trying to sell the extras.  This is where your knowledge of added value will come into play.  Leveling that pet up to 25 can drastically add value to the pet instead of just making him a common pet that everyone is selling.  With players looking for more and more entertainment even a level 15 pet can command a higher price tag than just the standard crate and sell pet.

This is a great holiday to enjoy just for nostalgia and memories of times gone by.  Plus, you can drag your own kid around the world for the entire world to see.

Good Luck and Good Kid Hunting

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