In Pursuit of Alpha

These past 5 days have been a roller coaster of emotions when it came to the release of information about the alpha build of Warlords of Draenor.

Panic, hysteria, sweating and gnashing (yes the biblical version) of teeth happened when the first views of professions,  garrisons  and other information was picked apart by the blogosphere.   Every little piece of information is processed into bite sized chunks with writers helping to decipher all of the chunks into something that makes sense.

This boost of excitement and fear was needed to get players through the desert to play that was going to happen during the summer.   When the first notes came out that said Warlords wouldn't be released til late in the year that lull of doubt crawled into our hearts.  How long could players continue to visit Pandaland to visit the same stuff over and over again.  

Now that the first chunks of an alpha build has been released people are looking at how to be prepared.  As a gold goblin the first things I scanned over was the changes in the profession.  This next week I will go into more depth for Garrisons as well as the changes in Inscription.  Needless to say there is a overall pattern that is developing with professions.  Winter is coming (yes, it was cheesy, but I love my Game of Thrones).

Any changes to professions can drastically change market strategies.  With Inscription taking a hit in the pants with the elimination of classic glyphs to sell,  and 50+ additional sales glyphs coming.  Changes Jewelcrafting and slots/power with gems will drastically affect the way that players will both craft and sell their future gems and jewelry.  Herbalism and Mining receiving easier level options can unbalance the old world mat sales,  driving up prices and availability.

A fellow guildee of mine was discussing the idea that Blizzard appears to be trying to remove the AH mini game and level the playing field.  With the partial success of the BMAH and removing high gold stores for players and raising the difficulty in making gold via the AH during MOP it can be seen that there is a plan of sorts to help with new players.  This doesn't mean that making gold during WOD will be impossible.  That would be counter productive for new players go back to the gold making levels of Warcraft vanilla.

Still players gold making style is going to need to morph into something different.  Jewelcrafting will be less dependent on slow, steady sales and end up being low volume/high income items.  The reverse will probably be with Blacksmithing/Leatherworking where small, steady sales with the occasional high ticket sales will be the norm.

Also with the pattern of 'catch up zones' that quickly equal the raiding playing field and allow players to get into current raid content quickly instead of the long instance driven grind of previous expansions.   Patterns that were obtained in earlier patches become obsolete.

So keep this in mind for those big investment/big flips in the next few weeks and months.  As more information comes out on these changes to not just professions, but market strategies, prepare yourself by keeping your gold colors.  And don't panic you're not alone.  It will be exciting when we storm the portals for profit and fame (but mostly profit).

Good Luck and Good Gold Hunting

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