The Care and Feeding of Trolls

If you haven't finished a Garrosh kill yet then turn your head away because I'm going to spoil something big for you.  Are you turned away?   Really?  No Peeking!

Vol'jin is the new leader of the Horde.

See,  I told you not to peek.  But this isn't about that version of trolls.   Those cuddly loveable bezerking trolls that have been both good guys and bad guys in the Warcraft mythos.

This is the other version of trolls.  The ones that jump into conversations with a radical comment just to get a reaction.  You know,  the guy that jumps on trade chat and says 'all [insert race] are horrible people'.   Yep,  everyone has seen one that just enjoys watching the chaos.

I have said many times through writing that players should be allowed to play the game they want.  As long as it doesn't directly interfere with another person's enjoyment.   With the ability to turn off channels,  block users and if all else fails, report them to the powers that be no one has to deal with trolls.

But I think it's important to know how to help a Troll.  Trolls are lost, lonely and just need a big mental hug.  Of course, that's why they act out in front of everyone else.  Go to a 1st grade class and watch for the kid that flicks the ear of someone else.  The one that makes funny faces at the teacher behind their back.  They just need a hug right?

So here are some tips to help with raising a troll right.

1.   Laugh at them.  Now remember, we're not laughing with them because the odds are what they say isn't all that funny.  Laugh at them.  Make sure they know you are laughing at them.  You wouldn't want them to starve for attention so make sure that everyone knows their inadequacies.  Make sure to tell their guild leader that they are lonely as well.  They are showing such a fine example of teamwork and playing that I am sure their guild is very proud of them.

2.   Do not use logic around a troll.  It confuses them and makes them feel small.  Remember hugs not logic when it comes to feeding trolls.  Don't point out that if they spent as much time actually playing the game than saying non-sensical things they would probably be much happier.  Logic has been painful to a troll just like Kryptonite to Superman.    You wouldn't want to confuse them with facts because that would just make them feel stupid.

3.   Please please please do not ignore Trolls.  Remember I told you that they are already feeling lonely and ignored.  You wouldn't want to feel even more ignore would you?   So take your time from making gold and interact with a troll.  Whether it's in the game or on the forums.  Help save a troll from their useless life and insignificant attempt at humor.   Save the world,  talk to a troll.

Sorry,  need to take my tongue out of my cheek and go make some gold today.

Good Luck and Good Troll Hunting

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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