Welcome To The Tuesdaydome

Mommar here.

(That title sounded much funnier in my head)

Most people's work week starts on Monday.   The dreaded 9-5 shift coming off an eventful weekend of boating,  fishing,  watching tv,  drinking, gambling or whatever  vices you choose.

But the World of Warcraft weekend starts on Tuesday.   The server reset is what ends up being the starting point for many players' weekly adventures.   Running their toons through SOO for gold and prizes,  weekly sales goals are reset and overall achievements to be finished.

But don't forget the weekend warriors with your sales.  Yes,  those people that only log in on the weekends to have their fun and excitement in Pandaland.  Players are rushing to upgrade their gear and buy the latest enhancements to their ilvl.  Tuesday-Thursday is a busy time for sellers,  but sales can easily be an all week love affair.  

If you're willing to know your market and pick and choose what to sell in the amount of time you have allotted for listing then you can stay on top of the gold selling game.  With Summer just around the bend honing those sales skills and being prepared to be more selective on your time and items selling will allow you to remain the Gold Goblin King.

Welcome to Tuesday.   Let's go smack Garrosh down hard

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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