You Lost That Alpha Feeling

Yesterday Blizzard released the Kraken with it's alpha patch notes.  This is the first sign of life other than the few breadcrumbs that have been left by the powers that be.

Lots of changes, including cutting down abilities,  changes in how healing works and even the revelation that obtaining a garrison will require and epic quest line.  Those that worked on the epic cloak line during Mists of Pandaria just laughed manically remembering how many failures it took them to get that hot looking piece of cloth.

But one of the big changes will be that Inscription takes a kick right in the teeth.  Up till now every fresh new character had to purchase a base set of glyphs.  This was a pretty profitable market with high competition as players went to complete their inscription books.  With Warlords of Draenor players as they level will be receiving automatically specific glyphs automatically.  No gold goblin likes the word 'automatically' when it comes to what was sold previously.   Most of these glyphs that player are obtaining for free are the main 'mandatory' glyphs that players need to play their class properly.

The inscription had already become the redheaded stepchild due to heavy competition and previous changes.  This could drive many players out of the market as they look for greener pastures.  But that doesn't mean a gold goblin is so gone and look to change their profession right now.

Blizzard is notorious for giving and taking when it comes to professions.  Jewelcrafters lost the easy Saronite Shuffle during cataclysm, but received more profitable recipes and sales.  Scribes shouldn't just run for the panic button yet.  It is highly probably that scribes could receive access to more trinket and off hand items for sales as well as new glyphs.

The other major change was how gathering professions are leveled.  Instead of having to deal with leveling your Mining/Herbalism in older zones now you can gather in any zone.  The difference in skill will determine just how much of the item you obtain.  This can easily cut down the amount of old world materials that are available since players are more apt to gather in current zones than want to run around in old zones just to raise a skill level.

Alchemists received some good news in the changes to how potions operate.  Healing potions lost a lot of business during MOP because of the lock rocks and self heals available.  Personal healing options will end up being limited come Warlords of Draenor.  Healing gets a lot of changes (which we already knew) so self healing options will play a lot more into successful raid formulas.

There will be more revelations I'm sure including just how much updating that Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking/Blacksmithing will receive.  But the release of the Alpha patch should help with some of the tensions of the long summer waiting for the Beta and the release of the next chapter in Azerothian history.

Good Luck and Don't Panic

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