The Value of Garrosh BOA's

When the Seige of Orgrimmar raiding tier opened up, the players were awestruck by the loot that dropped.  This was the top tier available and would be around for a little bit.  People warmed up their toons for a long haul of killing mobs,  grabbing gear and then enjoying the day.

The loot from a Garrosh kill was especially tasty because it contained a completely new idea that the Blizzard producers had come up with.  Bind on Account gear that could be passed to all of your other members of the toon army.  Not just gear to use at level 90 but gear that could be used through the next campaign (Warlords of Draenor).

This pretty much set the tone of why players are still continuing (and failing from time to time) running Seige of Orgrimmar part 4.   Each kill gives a player one chance to obtain a Bind on Account gear item for their current toon or one of their other toons.

Every expansion has an abundance of upgrades as you progress through the leveling process.  One item that always seems to be in short supply are decent weapons.  Blacksmithing can produce these and drop them on the Auction House for sale (yay gold).  But for the amount of items that drop or can be obtained through questing is low, if not barely existing.   Each new toon,  1000's of gold is spent upgrading weapons and off hands to improve killing power. 

Anyone who tried to get into raiding gear found that it was difficult not to have to purchase a main hand (or off hand) weapon to be able to enter level 90 instances.   Now with the introduction of one weapon that should cover a player up to the point of entering heroic instances many benefits come into play.

1.   Vendoring unneeded weapons
2.    Disenchanting weapons awarded by quests for raw enchanting materials
3.    Prestige.

Yes,  there is a little bit of a vain spot in me to be able to carry a big honking axe with me all through the next expansion knowing that I earned this.

So the next time you're frustrated with running Seige of Orgrimmar for the umpteenth time with only getting gold,  keep in mind that once that prize hits you will be set through the next expansion for one of the most frustrating and difficult items to level.

Good Luck and Good Garrosh Hunting

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