Gold Making Is An Artform

Mommar here.

One of the items that I choose to bring in this journal is a different view when it comes to making gold.   I can offer you the mechanics of making gold.  Spoon feed you the ideas of what to sell and what to collect for later.   I can even hand hold you (you have sweaty palms) to making a large amount of gold.

But sometimes I want you to see making gold for what it really is.   It is a very personal experience similar to your crafting professions.  The knowledge you have and the abilities you show in making all of that shiny piles of fun. 

Making gold is an art form of sorts.   It isn't just about selling this,  planting this,  farming this and building a fortune.  There is an art to how you build your gold empire.  This may seem a little sappy for some.   There are those that are sitting in their chair and chanting 'Mommar,  show me the gold'.  But how you look at your gold stash is just as important as having it in the first place.

If you look at your gold stash as being a commodity,  then you are more apt to run out and spend it on some new shiny toy.  If you look at it as a hassle,  then you will be running around trying to scrape up enough for repairs.   But if you look at the making and spending of gold as fine art,  then you are more apt to take care of your spoils of war.

Another part of how you view your gold is how you make it through both the prosperous times as well as the lean times.  As MOP looks to expire soon as an expansion and we move into a new era,  making gold isn't as easy.  Players are not upgrading as often and some professions are on life support.  This is that grinding time that every piece of gold becomes important.  Warlords of Draenor will be more expensive with more gold sinks that want to take your gold away.  Offerings of new weapons,  Garrisons,  new materials will make you want to run out and spend a lot of gold from the start. 

Fine art is appreciated over a long term.  Your gold has to not only last you now, but also has to be replenished over the next expansion.  Your goals,  your plans and your gold making pyramid will have to be in good shape to make it through the next expansion.   That fine art gets shown,  protected and even insured in case the worst happens.

So start to look at yourself as the next Rembrandt of World of Warcraft.  Be prepared to use your brush strokes or your crayons and make the next amount of gold making ability you have a masterpiece.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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