Grinding Gold Through The AH

Mommar here.

On some servers it was a barren wasteland as players ran to get the first few hits on their new gaming drug. 

Others who weren't as fortunate to get beta invites tolled around the old world waiting for their new chance to get into the hallowed portal and take a wack at new content.

Everytime a new beta expansion is announced, there is a great shakeup with the Auction House.  It is the unofficial announcement that an expansion is slowly coming to an end.   Players start to drop out of their normal routines,  sales begin to dry up (as if they haven't already done this) and grinding out gold becomes a little bit more difficult.

There are still some great opportunities to sell items on the AH for profit.  But it takes a process of being selected not just on what you buy,  but also what is crafted and sold.  PVP gear is pretty much a dead business on many servers.    High Ticket crafted raiding gear is stumbling along at deep discounted prices.  

So keep this in mind as you start to gear your mind towards the next two months of living la vida beta.  Look at your long term investments (raw materials from the different expansions) and the changes that are occurring as you look to square your books at the end of the expansion.

A couple of things were announced over the weekend that could affect how guilds are bought and sold.  Good money was on the table to buy/sell level 25 guilds.  With Warlords of Draenor there will no longer be guild leveling,  and many of the advantages of level 25 guilds will be already built into a guild.  So don't be surprised if you see guilds being sold in an attempt to profit on these changes.

Keep your head above water and look for those deals as players start to once again empty out their inventory.  Especially players who want to take a long hiatus from the game till the next expansion.  When purchasing a players 'guild inventory' keep in mind what you can sell now,  what can be sold later.  Before when buying a guild you also calculated the benefits of the level perks the guild has.  No longer is this really a consideration in buying the guild.  It ends up being a straight inventory swap for gold.   So don't be fooled by 'well you get all of these perks'.  

Information is power and now is the time to flex those muscles you have learned over the past year.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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