Midsummer Festival - Combine those tasks

Mommar here.

There are times when i write these articles that i feel that I'm telling what you probably should be obvious.  But even the best of the Gold Goblins need a little reminding on different things that can be helpful.

If the proverbial 'under the rock' has been your bed for the past few days you know that the fire festival is in full swing.  From the runs today it has a different feel.  Most of that has to do with many players having dealt with the fire festival for multiple years it has lost is specialness.  On the two home servers I have the queues have been longer to pick up an Ahune run.   Having 6 characters to run through this quick boss instance, it can be staggering just how much time I'm wasting sitting there waiting.

But then I've always preached to the choir that time is money.  In this case your time to be able to do more than one thing.   Along with the Midsummer festival is the included Honoring the flame/Descrating the flame quests.  Not just for the Blossoms they give but for good clean gold.   If you finish all of the quests at level 90 you end up with around 400g.  I use a tracker to find the quickest route to each flame to do my good or dirty deeds too.

But lets expand this idea to another realm.  You have already finished all of these grab a flame/pee on a flame quests.   What about your pet collection?  Or searching for rares/elites along the different areas.  You could be doing some farming for minerals as well.   Anything that combines your time and energy spent while waiting for that exciting  'You have been chosen' popup on the screen.

Combining tasks will not only make the wait easier,  but also allow you to be more productive.  A productive citizen, whoops, I mean Gold Goblin is a happy Gold Goblin.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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