Soap Box Derby

Mommar here.

This will be one of those soap box type of entries.  Gold making does take a step back from time to time in the interest of an opinion.

As I was watching the news in the past couple of days there have been blurbs about kids going nuts and doing some despicable things.  One decided that since he was an outsider and didn't get the girl that he would go on a shooting spree.  A pair of girls decided to lure a friend over for a sleepover and then proceeded to stab her 19 times.

Both the media stories were quickly picked up with all of the talking heads deciding to throw in their two cents.  Just about every article and every 'news' program added an angle blaming movies and video games for affecting these kids.

I have told my story here many times.  I have been playing video games for going on 30 years and played World of Warcraft since the beginning of Burning Crusade.  During that time I have played first person shooters,  platform games,  text adventures and even a couple of immersive adventures trying to build a 3d platform.  At no time did I believe that the games were telling me I need to go out and stab someone or shoot someone and yell 'headshot' when it was done.

The honest truth is that both of these events,  as well as other events that have occurred in the past that is similar have been shocking.  But it is too easy to blame the common denominator that is mass entertainment.   Instead of looking at their home life,  and even the possibility of there already being a mental disorder from the start.

If games truly affected us as much as has been stated in the news,  then in the 90's wouldn't everyone be bouncing off of bricks and hoping that coins would appear?   Or that everyone would start to inhale and think they were going to blow their enemies down?   It is impossible to pick and choose and say 'that applies,  but that doesn't'.

The danger of accepting a quick excuse of video games it that is causing a rift to the majority of game players play games without any incident.  They live normal, healthy mental lives that the biggest problem they have is getting home for raid time.  A large paintbrush of 'all games are evil' can blind people to the reality of gaming society.

So during the next couple of weeks as more details are revealed,  keep in mind that the generalization of the gaming life is usually done by those that have never lived it,  and never enjoyed gaming as an entertainment source.

Grab your salt shaker and take what they say with the smallest grain of salt you can find.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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