What I did on My WowCation

Mommar here.

If you noticed there was about a week's worth of silence from camp JMTC.  This was the week that I had decided I wanted to unplug from World of Warcraft to reset my mental buttons.

I ended up doing some reading (Go and read the Dresden Files).  Played a few games (Marvel Heroes mostly) and just relaxed with some movies. 

Even as I was gone, I kept a basic eye on what was occurring with World of Warcraft.  There are enough sites out there that give keen insight on play styles,  Raiding achievements and even the occasional laugh.   So without logging in myself I could enjoy some aspects of WOW.

There were a few things that I did learn (or relearn) as I did my quick Wowcation.

1.   The grass may look greener on the other game.  But it still takes work to become good at it

2.   People will still ask you what you think of the warcraft expansion,  even in your church

3.   Having Warcraft dreams when you're on your vacation is just creepy.

4.   Garrosh is still a pain in the buns to drop Epics,  even if you are not playing

5.   That awesome mount you want,  but can't get to drop still haunts you.

6.   Friends on World of Warcraft still are amazing.

One of the reasons I had decided to unplug was just because I wanted a little bit of a break.  Sometimes the running name joke of calling it 'World of Farmcraft' is too accurate.  When everyday is the same schedule it can easily feel like a job.... With less pay.

So as you're looking to recharge your batteries between now and the opening of the portal to the Warlords of Draenor,  think how you want to spend your Wowcation.  Spending it with family?   With Friends?  With the Pet?  Or plotting world domination in 32 bit color?

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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