WOD: The Next Step To Beta

Howdy true believers.

As I told you Thursday I was chosen as part of the Beta program for Warlords of Draenor.  In the past I have given this key away due to the fact that Alpha/Beta of a game spoils a lot of the game when it comes to it going live.  You have spent hours upon hours on a game only to have it all wiped away when it is time to play 'for real'.

But in this case since I have been consistently writing about my travels in gold, making it was needed to get a glimpse of just what we will be stepping into when the portal opens to a new frontier.

But I didn't want to really write about that today.  What I did want to talk about being just some of the reactions that occurred when people checked their email to see if they had been chosen.

The majority of players never says a word on the forums.  They have never emailed developers, bloggers,  and barely say anything in the game itself.  If they say something it is in private messages or even chirping in their guild chat.   They accept the hand that is dealt to them and continue on.

But then you have the minority that will say something about the smallest of changes in what their consider fairness.  In this case the use of the word 'veteran' player when it came to passing on beta keys.  

This basically blew up the fan base for those that didn't receive keys on the first wave of invites.  Credientials flying around the developers:

'I have played for x years.... I should have received one'

'My friend has been only playing for a year and he got one,  I have been playing for x years and I got nothing'

And of course the prerequisite 'I quit,  this is isn't fair.  I didn't receive a beta key'

I've commented many times on the occasional sense of entitlement that some players have when it comes to their gaming.  That magically their 15 dollars is more important than the 15 dollars of a subscription to anyone else.   Their evidence to this pseudo importance is the amount of time they have played or even dare I say it,  the amount of gold they have made in the game.

Here are the plain facts as they are.  You are deserving of nothing from Blizzard for your 15 dollars to play a game.  Whether it is on the live servers or the PTR's.  They truly owe you nothing but the game they provide.  This also means by the rules that they set down, they followed exactly what they intended to do.  They targeted 'some' veterans to be in the opening wave of the beta program.  Not all,  and with no promises that everyone would get a key to the holy gates.  The only guaranteed keys that were passed out was at PAX and a few shows.  The rest was up to the powers that be to do as they please.

And here is the kicker to it all.  You didn't miss a lot.  Yes the graphics are outstanding.  Even with the lowest resolution they shine.  The new world is outstanding and will be just as enjoyable and breathtaking as the first time you stepped into Negrand and all of its splendor.   There are changes into how you dps, heal and tank.  It is new,  and shiny and was enjoyable for the time i could spend on the server.

It was also frustrating to get kicked off every 15 minutes.  To not be able to copy my characters over to the new server and having to keep track of the blue posts for up to the minute fixes.  There were tons of people running around waiting to jump through the portal as it was up and down constantly.  I missed my add-ons from the start by having to remind my keyboard commands seemingly every time I logged back in. 

But somewhere I loved the combination of seeing the new world and wanting to tear my keyboard apart with my teeth.   The next few weeks are going to be balanced between being on the beta servers seeing gold making process,  and staying on the live servers, making sure I have squeezed every ounce of gold I can before Warlords hits the market.  I have no doubt I will need it all. 

So before you look to burn your bridges with World of Warcraft remember,  we have a long road ahead of us together.   This is just one step in a huge project that will be well worth the time and effort.   Losing your cool just, well,  isn't really that cool.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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