Deliver Us From Sharknados

Last night on the SyFy network was the premier of Sharknado 2.  I will be truthful with the idea that I skipped the first one and was never caught up in the hype of this cheesy movie.

This isn't to say that I won't watch a cheesy movie.  I've seen most of the Mystery Science Theatre 3K movies and many of the Japanese monster movies.  I enjoy cheesy movies just as much as anyone else.

But wait,  this isn't a journal to talk about my movie choices.  Isn't this supposed to be about making gold and playing World of Warcraft?

In a way they have very similar ideas behind them.  Many players play World of Warcraft what could be seen as 'off the beaten path'.   One of my friends plays simply to run around and gather items.  She has rarely stepped foot into a raid (unless her boyfriend dragged her along).   But she enjoys playing this game just as much as anyone else.

Another one of my friends used to get her kicks off by firing off her rocket boots to see just how far she could fly and crash land.  Others will run around the major cities and cause mischief and mayhem for the enjoyment of upsetting other players (sometimes this is amusing,  other times not as much).

The idea is that whether you watched a cheesy movie that wallowed in its cheesiness and bad acting,  or you play World of Warcraft to be the best raider/pvp/player that Azeroth has ever seen.  It is a matter of choice and never a matter of how someone feels you should play this game.  Remember your fifteen dollars is sent to Blizzard just the same as everyone else's.

Gold making is very similar.  There is no one path to wealth.   There are multiple ways of making gold.  It all is based on personal flavor.  You could thoroughly enjoy farming and selling your raw materials on the auction house.  You could be into buying and selling pets to new owners.  You might just want to do dungeons and cash out at the end of the day.

The idea is that you determine your own path.  No journal owner or player should ever tell you you are doing it wrong.   We may give you suggestions on how to make your warcraft life easier.  But when your game is measured,  you are never truly wrong.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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