Lessons Learned For WOW while Playing Farmville

To paraphrase a saying,  man shall not live by Warcraft alone.  

During my off time when I'm watching TV or relaxing I will pop open my tablet and play a game called Farmville 2: Country Crossing. 

It's a pretty simple game of resource management.  You have a certain amount of slots for items you gather and can manufacture into food or supplies to sell.  The more money that you obtain,  the more XP you obtain and the more items/lots you can purchase to expand your farm.  Very simple premise, but can be very challenging from time to time.

The most important aspect that I have learned from this game is keeping all of the plates spinning at once.  When one of my ovens finished after a two hour cook time making sure I have all the materials to put another recipe to cook.  This keeps my preparation skills active since everything has different grown times.  My strawberry patch takes 50 minutes to grow and I need a certain amount of these to make the treats to feed the miners so that I can obtain the quartz for manufacturing bottles etc. (whoo)

So how can a small game on the tablet or phone affect the play style in World of Warcraft?  Because many of your professions have the same concept in what you have to gather.  Each item has a possibility to be sold in its raw state,  or combined to produce another item for sales.  That item you gather while fishing can be converted by your alchemist to sell as a potion.  Even a baseline exists that most items can be sold to the vendor for a little bit of pocket change.

Your cognitive skills determine just how quickly you can convert an item into a higher selling item.  There is not an expectation that you will know exactly how to convert each item into a sale item.  With there being 1000's of items in World of Warcraft,  that is a lot of plates spinning in the air.  Soon players will be entering the portal into the land of Draenor.  New items appearing into bags to buy and sell.  But even now,  with the end of Mists of Pandaria just over the corner,  items can be manufactured into sales items.  Just keeping those pots a cooking and filling orders can keep you busy by itself.

A little bit of repeated knowledge can open up a brand new world of sales.  Warlords of Draenor has shown itself to be a very expensive place to live.  Bringing all of your sales guns can let you be prepared to conquer a new sales world.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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