Why Run Old Instances?

About a month ago I wrote about why I continue to run old raid tiers.  I went step by step on the different amount of gold,  saleable items and even achievements that could be earned each time you stepped into what seemed like 'old content'.

The one thing that I didn't mention that I work through old raids is because there are certain items that I have been wanting for years.

When I first started World of Warcraft I wanted a horse for my main (Tauren warrior) in the worst way.  I saw that I could buy one in Brill for 100g (this was a long time ago during Burning Crusade) and I drooled to get that mount.   I got my 100g and then ran over there,  only to be disappointed that I couldn't buy one.  Taurens were not able to ride horses.

Devastated, I put on my thinking cap and did a little research.  At this time there were three horses in the game that a Tauren could ride.  The Dreadsteed mount from the Warlock quest,  a drop from the Stratholme instance and one from the Raid tier of Karazhan

At this time my raid group wasn't as strong as it could be so we could barely make it through Karazhan cleanly.  Ultimately we became good enough (with your favorite Tauren tank running point) but alas,  no horse drop for me.  One week I was unable to attend and supposedly it dropped for someone, but to this day I think they were yanking my chain on that one.

After The Lich King expansion became active,  Karazhan wasn't as important to players.   So it became more and more difficult to find old raid content runs.  It was either carrying a group of 5-8 or end up going through another week of horse rejection.  I stopped running Karazhan to put aside my dream of a cow on a horse.

I picked up the runs during the cataclysm expansion and started running them solo again.    By this time I had switched to a full time dps spec and was able to blitz through the content and make a large amount of gold each time.  Even after they nerfed the amount of gold you could earn through old content,  the cloth and epics that dropped more than paid my hefty personal repair bill and put some pep in my step.

Last week I was running Karazhan on a Wednesday and went after Attumen The Huntsman the hunter like usual.   Then the heavens opened up and a light shined on my victim and there it was,   the Fiery WarHorse Reigns were there in my loot window.   My cats were in a state of shock from the yell that came out of me that it had finally dropped for me.

So why was this important to me?   Because taking away all of the gold,  all of the fame,  all of the fortune and everything that people tell you they play for.  The one reason that we keep on coming back to being that personal moment in the sun that says 'I did it'.

So after my required naked run through the major cities on my new mount,  I smiled internally to myself and looked at what my next goal was.   Who knows,  I might just look to get better at PVP and get one of those mounts.

Moral of the story?   There isn't really one,  just wanted to tell you why I keep running old content.  How about you?   What keeps you coming back time and time again?

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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