WOD: Saddle Up Your Horses

I like to concentrate on the here and now when it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft.  But some things really cannot be held back from what is seen in patch notes from the beta of Warlords of Draenor.

In the latest patch notes there was hidden among all the talent changes and different calculations a little addendum when it came to mounts.

Tailors since Burning Crusade had the ability to make flying carpets.  For mount collectors, this was tempting because you could fly around everyone pretending you were Aladdin (Or Jasmine if that's your schtick).    But anyone who didn't have a tailor on the payroll was out of luck to ride the carpet lightning.

Til now that is,  because if things hold up with the PTR,  flying carpets remove the tailoring requirements to use.   Now understand this is still the a possibility.  Things can always change in an update.  But this is the important part of looking at all of the builds from the PTR and taking advantage of the changes.

The materials are relatively easy to purchase farm (Netherweave,  Frostweave,  Ore to prospect for the Monarch Topaz stones needed).  Multiple runs through soloable raids can net a lot of the materials needed quickly.  Just another good reason why you should be soloing old raid content on your off times.

It never is too early to start saving items for the next expansion.  With the changes in how professions are leveled (boosted points,  using current expansion materials for leveling) there will be a definite shift in just how much old world materials will be in demand.  Any new areas of sales will be a welcome companion to your wallet.

Keep your eye on the prize and a hand on your wallet.

Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

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