Netherweave Bags still Gold

“Hey Marcko,

A while back another reader wrote to you about how great netherweave bags were, and I’ve been using the tip ever since.

Lately in the AH slump, fellow gold-makers have been complaining about sluggish sales and unstable prices. The netherweave bag market is still stronger than ever; no matter how much cloth I snatch up, I can sell those bags as quickly as I can craft them. You suggested selling 4 at a time, but I list 12+ at a time, posting two and three times a day as they sell. Sometimes my twelve hour auctions expire, but not often. 🙂

Thank you for your great site!


The real beautiful thing about netherweave bags, and it’s something which just occurs naturally when you buy out all netherweave cloth below a set price, is that you limit your competition’s materials. If you buy out all the netherweave cloth below 8 gold then your oppenents on the auction house are forced to make bags worth at least 8.5 gold each to make a profit. Since there is only one item needed to make the bags (that isn’t from the vendor of course) you will naturally inflate the price of netherweave bags simply by buying out netherweave cloth. So many bags sell per day that you will be hard pressed to find enough cloth to keep up with demand.

By far one of my favorite markets and I use a second account to craft the bags so I don’t lose any time (20 seconds per bag can be tough!). Even without the second account I would still afk craft these bags since the money always comes back within a day or two after crafting.