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Why Guest Post?
  • Exposure to thousands of new readers.
  • Google "Juice" and a great link to your site.
  • Show off your high quality content and establish yourself in the community.
Guest Posting Criteria
  • Follow this as best you can: Article Writing Template.
  • Email me with your post, ask me for criticism and introduce yourself.
  • Include a title as well as a link to your blog (or other site/contact info) within your article.
  • Guest posts are your chance to pitch your blog or site to my audience. Write your best stuff!
  • Include information about your site in the email so I can take a look at more of your posts.
Attributes of Successful Guest Posts on JMTC
  • Tutorial Style Posts.
  • Posts with images and walkthroughs.
  • Patch related information.
  • Strategies that are new and mostly unexplored by the gold blogging community.
  • Collections of other useful posts and how they can be used for making gold.
  • Timeless strategies that focus on underlying principles of the auction house and economics.
  • Be Creative!
  • Don't forget, once your post is published you still want to read and respond to comments!
Send "Guest Posts" to markco AT justmytwocopper DOT org

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