I can be reached for questions, tip submissions, advertisement queries and site suggestions at Markco@justmytwocopper.org

You can also use the Social Media tab to find more ways to get in touch with myself as well as the community here.

If you wish to contact me in game I can be found on the Onyxia Realm - US.

Character: Markco

Realm: Onyxia (US)

Now for a little about who I am...

Hello all, like many of you I'm a hard working, tax paying, little-too-addicted-to-wow blogger. I decided to start http://justmytwocopper.org when players started asking me how I had the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth at level 76, the Dalaran Ring as a fresh 80, epic mounts for myself and alts, titansteel weaponry, and much more.

My blog is nothing more than 100% effort on my part to change the way people think about making gold in wow. It's no longer about hours of play time or else you have to buy gold. No, now it's so easy anyone can do it and the hours you have to play will no longer stop you from making vast amounts of gold like I do every day.

You may be asking yourself... "How does Markco do it? How did he come up with all of this?" Well the answer is simple, I bring a 10-year game designer's outlook when I examine wow's content, and it allows me to unravel the secrets of warcraft. So while many of you are playing this game and trying to have fun, I'm fixated on analyzing its weaknesses.

Nothing will change my mind about giving away ALL of my gold making secrets and strategies. I have been hacked, harrased, and verbally assaulted for giving out this information. None of these attacks will change my mind and I simply laugh because I know that this information truly helps players to improve and that's my motivation.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments and email me with any questions you might have. This community is a wonderful wealth of world of warcraft knowledge, so it's a good idea to share and take part in it.

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