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I highly suggest this site for learning more about the JMTC community because here you'll find thousands of fellow players communicating their ideas and sharing their gold making secrets. You won't find another gold forum as extensive or friendly as this one.

Quakenet chat room to hang with other auction house aficionados.

I tend to write to facebook daily with discussion generating questions. Feel free to like the Markco Polo fan page and use Facebook to engage the JMTC community.

Over 1,000,000 uploads for my Youtube guides! Subscribe for gold tips, farming spots and the occasional prot pvp ownage video. My handle is Foldberg1.

I tweet daily and use twitter as a way of engaging the readership here. Follow Foldberg1 for more information.

I don't use this often but when I do it's usually really important! Friend Markco on XFire.

Castaclysm - Myself, Thunderer and Jhaman traverse the busted ass landscape of Azeroth on our steeds of awesome. Gold tips, Gladiator Pvp and even the occasional stories of lore are covered in this podcast.

Call to Auction - Euripides from and teams up with me to make episodes comprised entirely of pure information regarding the world of warcraft auction house.

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