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What is a Blogging Carnival?

Every second day of the month a new collection of articles from a multitude of sites are collected by myself and published on a single post. This post is known as the "Wow Gold Blogging Carnival." In order to become a part of this listing you will need to send me the link of a post you've written which answers the question of the current carnival. See below for the current article's topic. If you don't own a blog but would like to see an article mentioned from someone else's site feel free to email it to me.

Upcoming Carnival
  • What is your most devious gold making strategy?
Past Carnivals
  • August 2nd - Gold Making Tutorials, market tips and farming. 32 Articles.
  • September 2nd - How to Turn 1,000 Gold into 2,000 Gold. 20 Articles.
  • October 2nd - What's your favorite 'niche' gold strategy?
  • November 2nd - Mistakes you learned from on the auction house
  • December 2nd - What's your 'Cataclysm Gold Strategy?' 
  • January 2nd - How are you making gold in cataclysm? 
  • February 2nd -  How would you make gold if you had limited play time?
  • March 2nd - Specialize or Diversify?
  • June 2nd - What is your most devious gold making strategy?
  • July 2nd - What is your favorite method to make gold with Old World ( vanilla/bc ) methods/strategies?
How are Articles Organized?

I organize the articles for each carnival by the date that they are submitted. The earlier the submission the closer to the top of the list you will be. You do not have to link back to JMTC to have your article listed higher up in the list, but leaving a link is greatly appreciated and helps to get more people involved with the carnival.

Suggest a Carnival Topic

You can email me carnival topic suggestions using the address: markco AT justmytwocopper DOT org.

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