Netherweave Bags In Cataclysm

Let’s fast forward 4 Days Until Cataclysm … Cataclysm hits. People go roll worgen and goblin, people level new alts, what is the first thing they will need? Bags. What is the cheapest bag to craft, yet sells well and has a nice markup? Netherweave bags. Now you might be thinking, well… those are 16 […]

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Guest Posting

Netherweave Bags still Gold

“Hey Marcko, A while back another reader wrote to you about how great netherweave bags were, and I’ve been using the tip ever since. Lately in the AH slump, fellow gold-makers have been complaining about sluggish sales and unstable prices. The netherweave bag market is still stronger than ever; no matter how much cloth I […]

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