Cataclysm Dreamcloth Cooldown & Crafting

Are you using your Dreamcloth cooldown? Wait what’s Dreamcloth? You don’t know about it? What! Dreamcloth is the new cataclysm special cloth that can be made by using one of every volatile, it’s somewhat costly to make depending on the volatile, but it is very profitable if you use the dreamcloth to craft epic tailoring gear

Do you know that, right now, you can spend about 2,000g on making all 5 pieces of Dreamcloth for the week and craft an epic ilvl 359 tailoring piece that can sell for 10,000g+? No?

How does this work?
There are five different ways to make Dreamcloth. Each piece requires 30 of one volatile and can only be crafted once per week, there are 5 different Dreamcloth cooldowns, one for every volatile. Patterns cost 1 piece of Dreamcloth to buy, and 4 to craft.

If you were to buy every single volatile off the Auction House you could still make a nice profit ( ~500% ROI ) but you could also go out and farm your volatiles. Some are easier to farm than others, but you could also use the Alchemy transmutes to make those volatiles that are hard to get and costs a bit at the auction house *cough* Volatile Air

Where is the cloth vendor located?
The cloth turn in vendor is located in Twilight Highlands, you need to be at least 84 to get here, otherwise you will be phased out and cannot see the vendors, or anyone at all for that matter.

Why should I do this?
As of right now epics are HUGE. People are trying to get the item level requirement for heroics and they need any and all gear. If you do craft one, you’re going to make huge profits on them, trust me there are people out there that are willing to pay 10k+ for the current best in slot gear.