Cataclysm Tailoring Gold Guide

Tailoring has always been an excellent way to make gold with, from crafting bags, to crafting spellthreads, or even pvp gear, it’s always been an excellent profitable profession. Within this guide I will teach you how to make gold, utilizing old & new methods & items to make heaps of gold.

Cataclysm Spellthreads

Cataclysm Spellthreads are hot right now, especially the epic ones. Why? It’s because people are beginning to raid seriously, thus creating a huge demands for these spellthreads. I often see them go for 900-1,100g per, it’s great profit for anyone, if you manage to craft the Epic BOE legs you can usually squeeze in a spellthread in there for about 800g extra ( I’ve done this about 3 times total ).

Wrath Of the Lich King Spellthreads

I have been crafting and selling so many of these it’s insane. With the material cost under 5g, I can literally sell these at any price, but I found that 60-75g is the “sweetspot”. People don’t want to spend 1,000g on stuff that going to get replaced so they think, well hey, this is 75g and isn’t that bad compared to that so I’ll just buy this until I get my tier 11 pants. The spellthreads you will be crafting are Azure Spellthread and Shining Spellthread.

Dreamcloth Epics

This market can vary at times. Crafting the dreamcloth epics ( there are four total ) can be profitable if you’re able to obtain cheap materials. Currently this market can is usually is flooded by other tailors, so profit can vary but I’ve found that selling the epics via trade chat is an excellent way to avoid the auction house. Read more on crafting Dreamcloth epics here.

Pvp Armor Sets

Pvp sets have been a great way to make gold since Cataclysms release. The profit on some items can be low sometimes due to constant flooding of the market by other Tailors. I find that the patterns that are vendor bought sell much better than trainer taught patterns. You will be crafting the Emberfire & Fireweave Sets. In total there are six different items that you will need to acquire from the vendor in Twilight Highlands, they are as follow for the corresponding sets: Emberfire/Fireweave Cowl , Emberfire/Fireweave Robe, Emberfire/Fireweave Pants.

Crafting and DE’ing

This is another excellent option to make gold with. On my server cloth prices have plummeted, they’re down to as low as 35g/stack, so picking up the cloth to craft and DE is an excellent way to make gold. I found that the lower level cataclysm greens are the best to craft because they don’t require that many materials. Deathsilk Cowl on takes 3 bolts to craft, and even better the Deathsilk belt takes 2 bolts, either can yield 1-4 dust and 1-4 lesser celestial essence. I would only advice to craft and DE if you manage to get embersilk cloth for cheap.

Crafting Bags

This is one of the best methods to make gold with tailoring. You can craft a multiple number of bags and they will almost always be profitable. The best bag in my opinion is the netherweave bag, it’s low cost and sells extremely good, you can read about selling these bags here and here. I would also craft the recently buffed Illusionary bag, it just received 2 extra slots so the die-hard gold makers are going to want these regardless of their price ( Portable Holes cost 3,000g ) so they will be hot to sell. Embersilk bags are also a great to make gold and unload any extra dust you have laying around from doing the obsidium shuffle.

That’s all folks! Think I missed something? Drop a comment below and let me know.