Favorite Places to Visit Before WOD

Warlords of Draenor will change out our view Outlands and life beyond the portal. Some of my favorite areas that were introduced during the Burning Crusade will be changed come the next expansion.

It is possible that the ‘old’ areas will be available through the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, but there will be a mental change when visiting this area. The biggest change will be in Negrand.

Negrand took my breath away the first time I entered the area. From the road leading to the first city, to seeing the giants that really wanted to stomp me into oblivion. Going down southeast and seeing all of the animals that needed to be skinned. Spending what seemed like forever farming leather for our Druid tank gear.

But the one questline that everyone should complete is the Visit with the Grandmother questline. Running all over Outlands to finish quests, run instances and then be introduced to a self defeated Garrosh. Taking Garrosh to see his grandmother and be told the story of Thrall. If you look at the entire quest now you see that this was the grand tale of both redemption and a fall from grace.

Now with the speed that players can level through Burning Crusade content,  areas such as Shadowmoon Valley, staring at the biggest raid at the time which was The Black Temple. To beingable to fly over fire pits and strongholds held both by the Alliance and the Horde.

I can go on and on just how much will change in the game when the Warlords hits the shelves. Perhaps it is nostalgia, or how much enjoyment I received from the different story lines that occurred during Burning Crusade, but consider running around Burning Crusade content and see just what brought us to the point that the Iron Horde comes to light.