Do you Own Your Tree?

If you read the blurb at the end of my articles you can see that I spend much of my time on the Shandris server. This has been the home for myself and the alt army since I started this game. There have been other servers I’ve dipped my foot into, but Shandris has been home for my gaming.

There are a mix of characters that have come and gone on the server. I wouldn’t say that Shandris is anything spectacular. We have a little above average raiding group. A average to above average economy (which I’m trying to make extraordinary of course) and a pretty good group of players. With any server you get players who probably should be doing other things than griping in trade.

But there are a few that have made themselves known just simply by one thing. They pseudo own a piece of property in Orgrimmar. While watching trade chat he will announce his wares depending on which alt and profession he’s selling that day, and it all revolves around a tree that almost everyone knows is his tree in Orgrimmar.

I”ve even seen arguments of others saying ‘that’s not your tree, that tree belongs to everyone. Seems like a very valid argument til 10 players verbally lay a beat down on them saying ‘he has had that tree for years’. It’s a fascinating deluge of support for something that technically isn’t a part of the Warcraft game. This is the epitome of having a reputation that everyone knows.

The question is have you set up your reputation in your home city that players know? Do you have a spot that players know to come to you. In the beginnings of wow I would see players (as well as myself) run to whoever had 5g for my crafting wares. This was long before I looked to dominate the Auction House. Running like a panting dog to get another 5-10g into my coffers. As I progressed I saw a change in my attitude because I could wait for them to come to me. Controlling my own crafting and selling destiny instead of being dependent on the whims of others. Before the biggest letdown was that a player would change their mind the minute I arrived to finish the transaction.

Do I own a tree in Orgrimmar? No, not really. There are players who know the spots that I pop up from my hearthstone so if I am arriving in town they know to wait there. But I’m more partial to bushes than trees. Still, it would be nice to own a nice oak in Silvermoon.