Top 5 “3ds shooting games” that you should not miss

Nintendo fans are now may have been busy with the latest Nintendo Switch but hopefully, they won’t forget about the old 3DS buddy that has been around for awhile with tons of “old but gold” games. The 3DS family is considered as one of the most successfully sold handheld consoles of Nintendo, with 72.53 million units have been sold (as of 31stMarch 2018).

If you’re a Nintendo fan, then this is a good time for you to buy back those good old games that you might have missed in the past since Nintendo games price has been reducing significantly lately. Our topic today will cover 3DS shooting games, we will take a quick rewind about the top 05 best shooting games of the Nintendo 3DS platform, let’s join us!

1. Metroid Prime: Federation Force

For the first time in the entire Metroid game series, players will now able to control the Marine of the Galactic Federation in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. This game took place after the event in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, there is a young Marine has to go through all kind of military training and being sent to a mission where he has to conduct a research about 03 different planets.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a 3DS shooting games under FPS genre where you will need to spend quite an amount of time to fight against flying pirates, alien bugs and also ground troops. The movement and aiming mechanism in-game are surprisingly good, especially when players combine with the 3DS analog stick together with gyroscopic sensors.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is the FPS game that should be on your 3DS collection game list, it is exclusively available for the Nintendo 3DS platform.

2. Star Fox 64 3D

The second game in the “3ds shooting games” list is Star Fox 64 3D. If you have already played Star Fox 64 before, then Star Fox 64 3D will not be a stranger to you, because this game is a remake version of it, exclusively for the 3DS platform. Star Fox 64 3D is also one of a few Nintendo games that support Rumble Pak, a vibration mechanism for Nintendo controller.

In Star Fox 64 3D, players will be given a list of colorful characters and travel through a group of planets in the Lylat system where they will fight against the madness scientist, Andross. This story might not be new to hardcore fans but it still brings back so many good memories of this game.

Seven years later, after being exiled from planet Venom by General Pepper, the mad scientist has now returned and starting to invade the Lylat system, forcing the General to gather the new Star Fox team which including Fox McCloud (as the leader) to fight against him.

3. Men in Black: Alien Crisis

Men in Black: Alien Crisislà is the third game in the list of “3ds shooting games” that I would like to introduce to you. Back in those good old days when Man in Black (MIB) was a phenomenon, where good guys dressed in the black suit fighting against aliens, Men in Black: Alien Crisis is the 3rd installment of the MIB video games series. This game was released almost at the same time with the Man in Black 3 movie when it came to cinema; the game also features a brand new MIB special agent named Agent P (Peter Delacour).

Together with agent P, players will be assigned to eliminate the enemy aliens who are planning to wipe-out the entire planet Earth. In a series of stealthy secret missions, players must assassinate hidden alien intelligence and prevent all alien attacks from happening.

The other special thing about this game is that it allows players to split-screen in Two-player mode and could up to 04 players at maximum, for the best fun time ever!

4. Dream Trigger 3D

Playing Dream Trigger 3D like traveling through a vivid dream world that full of 3D spaceships and stunning graphics, this game could be considered as a visual masterpiece that dedicated for Nintendo 3DS consoles.

With 55 levels are connected to each other through a World Map mode, the game will require the player to spend some of their time, efforts and skills in order to enjoy the whole magnificent 3D world in-game.

Each stage that you’ve completed will unlock the next one; you will also receive points to unlock new pathways also. Playing Dream Trigger 3D will give you a novel experience combines with dynamic soundtracks and stylish design that will take your breath away. This is also the fourth game in the 3ds shooting games list of this article.

5. Battleship

The last game from our 3DS shooting games review today is Battleship. This game was published at the same time when the movie Battleship (2012) was released in the theater. In this game, you will be the person in charge who takes control of the US Navy to fights against alien force’s invasion.

In Battleship, players will have an army with cruisers, carriers, destroyers, frigates, submarines together with the legendary USS Missouri Battleship. It’s time to secure the seas before it’s too late!

There is one more thing you should know that the Nintendo version as a different storyline compares to PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. In Battleship for 3DS, you will join the adventures with Captain Danny Hunter in a real-time turn-based strategy instead of a first-person shooter.

Summary/ Verdict:

It has been more than 07 years since a Nintendo 3DS console was born and this gaming device has been receiving a huge games library up until now. By understanding that it might be a little bit confused for you to decide which one that you should bring home with, especially for shooting games, so we have listed the top 05 of 3DS shooting games for you right here. Let’s take a look and share with us your thought!