Fail Proof Gold Guide for Making Glyphs

Written By: Nooyul.

Here is a guide to help people out make gold with the scribe profession by making glyphs. Before using this guide I strongly recommend you acquire all the glyph recipes by doing all your minor and Northrend glyph research and also buying all the recipes from Book of Glyph mastery item ( witch you acquire from pretty much anything in Northrend, they tend to be pricy) You will need the Trade Skill Master add on in order to make your glyph selling skills profitable.

Is your server glyph market profitable?

First you need to check if it his profitable to sell glyphs on your server. Keep in mind that it takes 3 blackfallow inks to make one glyph, and that you can get in average from 3 to 5 blackfallow ink from one stack of Cata herb. For example, on my server, stacks of Whiptail and Cinderbloom go for an average of 30g. Buying mats at that price, I can make about 1.5 glyph for 30g or less depending on the market. Then if I look up the minimum buyout price average for all the glyphs from my server, it seems to vary from 10g all the way up to 190g per glyph. And only about 1/5 or less of those glyph are worth below 31g, that means that 4/5 or more of my glyph recipes will be profitable up to 160g profit per glyph. Make a similar comparison on your server before diving head first into selling glyphs.

Trade Skill Master

TSM is an add on that comes in separate module you need to download apart, it his meant so that you use only the module you need and limit ram usage. We are going to need the shopping, auctioning, and auction DB module.

TSM shopping

Go to the AH, from the TSM module click Shopping: Milling/Disenchanting/Prospecting/Transforming, select Mill, and select blackfallow ink. The add on will list all the herbs, pigments and blackfallow ink up on AH, and present them in order from cheapest going up to the most expansive, and give you the option to buy. I personally would buy any of those that will give my ink for 6g or less (TSM will tell you how much your ink his worth when you buy said item) and stop after that. I stockpile a lot of inks for the future, so when prices are too high I don’t invest on mats, and I invest a lot when prices go way down. Feel free to buy the other herbs you need. I find Inks of the sea and Ethereal Inks I use a lot. I normally sell my inferno inks in stacks of 20 for extra profit, as of patch 4.2 ( those trinkets are useless now…) After you’re done, it’s the most annoying part of glyph making … mill the million stack of herbs you just bought. Here’s a tip for milling faster: get the Expeller Button add on. It will give you a macro than when clicked, will auto mill and select a stack of herb in your bags, any kind of herbs. Set this macro to your mouse wheel up and down, and all you gotta do his roll your wheel up and down until everything his grinded.

TSM Auctioning

Open the TSM main menu, and click the auctioning tab. The first option tab his personal tastes set it up however you like. Go in Category / Groups in the left hand side menu, and then select the create category / group tab. In the second text box under category, create ‘glyphs’ category. Now choose the Auction Defaults tab. Here is the important stuff you need to enter, the rest I don’t mention don’t matter so much and his up to you. Post Settings (Quantity / Duration) Post time: 48 hours, Post Cap: 4, Per Auction: 1. General Price Settings (Undercut / Bid) Undercut by: 30s, Bid percentage: 95%. Minimum price settings (Threshold): I put in 30g, this should be equal to the average price you pay your stack of herb on your server. If you’re about to post herb below that price, TSM will not post them. Set threshold as: fixed gold amount. Maximum Price Settings (Fallback): Fallback Price: 190g (see what’s the minimum buyout price for the most expansive glyphs on your server and set price accordingly) set fallback as: Fixed gold amount, Maximum price 130%. Advanced price Settings (market reset) reset method: Don’t post items (why? Because we don’t want to let the glyph minimum buyouts go below 30g or we don’t make profit. My advice is to not post those glyph that are too low in price and just let the market go for about a week. Prices normally get back up. You don’t want to contribute in undercutting a glyph too much)

TSM crafting

We are now going to create one individual auctioning group for every glyph. But first let’s set up the options for this module. Open TSM main menu, click crafting options tab on the right. General Settings tab: Sort crafts by: profit, descending. Unknown profit queuing: Set crafted item cost to Auctioning fallback. Price / Inventory settings:  Get mat prices from: Auction DB market value (you could also choose auctioneer market value if you already have done scans with it) Get crafts prices from : Auction DB minimum buyout (again; or auctioneer). Make sure that mat prices his set to market values and craft prices his set to minimum buyout. Profit deduction: 4%. Queue settings: Minimum profit Method: gold, Min restock quantity: 1, Max restock quantity: 3, Min profit in gold: 30g. Now click the crafting inscription tab on the left hand side, and go down in the options tab in here, and set groups inscription crafts by: Inks.  Now click Ink of the sea on the left list, enable all crafts, and create auctioning group. Category to put groups into: glyphs, How to add crafts to auctioning: All in individual groups, create. Repeat the process for all the other inks except blackfallow (which has nothing in it anyway) I suggest not to include the off hands and other misc inscription stuff.

Restock Queue

We’re finally all set up to make some gold. Go to AH, click Auction DB in TSM side menu, and run Get All scan. Run Auctioneer scan instead if you set your mat price to follow auctioneer in TSM crafting. Open your inscription profession window, and open trade skill master crafting at the top. From here hit Clear queue, then restock queue, then if it appears hit clear TSM filters. You will see your queue on the right side. Every glyph that will net you 30g profit over your mats price will be queued for 3 times each. Click the top entry and you will auto craft 3 of that glyph, hit create next again and again until you’re done with your queue. Make sure you have the appropriate mats from TSM shopping, and stay near the scribe vendor to buy your parchments and trade in your blackfallow inks for the appropriate required inks (normally it’s a lot of Ink of the sea and ethereal, and a bit of jadefire lion and midnight and very few shimmering.)


Now that we got our glyph inventory restocked with only the most profitable glyphs, it’s time to post. Go to the AH, click the top button in TSM side menu, Auctioning Post. Everything you created an Auctioning group for will be posted if it’s price his above your set threshold (30g in my case). To make it easier to mass post, have TSM create a mouse wheel posting macro in TSM auctioning main option window.

Post Rotation

The toughest part in posting glyphs his to stay ahead of your competition. Someday I post all my 600-700 glyphs, and minutes later I find that more than half of them are already undercut. You need to figure your competition posting pattern and try and always post after them. To refresh you’re AH posts and undercut everyone that has undercut you, click Auctioning cancel (not Auctioning Cancel All) from the AH TSM side menu and TSM will scan all your posts and ask if you want to cancel your posts that have been undercut. You need to click once for every glyph you cancel, again the TSM mouse wheel macro comes in handy here. Gather all your cancelled glyphs back from your mailbox and turn them back to the AH using the posting technique explained in the last paragraph. Repeat this rotation as often as you like when you want to undercut your competition. When your inventory runs low, repeat the restock queue process, don’t forget to run a get all scan to have accurate market prices. I find posting at around 5h or 6hPM is a good time, you get normally a good hour of being on top of the market at peak times. I suggest you refresh your posts more aggressively 2 or 3 times or even more a day during the weekend. Trust me; weekends sell tons of glyph if you manage to stay on top of your competition.


Thank you for your time and let me know what you think of my technique. Any comments or question please ask at